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19 July 2011


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What do you think of Baer's premise of Bibi's high probability of attacking Iran at the end of the summer? That one would really mess the pooch for U.S..

'If' only our fellow Americans would come to the realization that our Mideast Foreign Policy is being driven by a Foreign Nation (Israel) at the helm, and that our resultant wars in the Mideast have not been on behalf of America's interest, but on behalf of the interests of a Foreign Power.

Would Israel intentionally mess the pooch in order to keep U.S. in the Mideast neighborhood? Are they fearful of 'being all alone'? The Israelis created their own Mideast quagmire, let them have to deal with the consequences and leave U.S. out of it.

Iran 'may/may not' be a threat to Israel (because of Israel's attitude and actions), but they are not a threat to U.S..

Patrick Lang


Baer has withdrawn his comment. I have none about this. pl

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