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21 July 2011


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So..... it was the 'entrance/exit' to the dining room area, correct?


If I'm not mistaken, but didn't Christian Heurich have a extreme fear of fire? And that was the underlying reason in the way he constructed his house?


The Dining Room at Hillwood Estate


Phillips Collection


I would like to be enlightened as to three questions:

1. What beers were included in his product line in the brewery's heyday?

2. What was their alcohol content - any Heurich lite?

3. Did the gentleman and his intimates imbibe beer or vintage wines in those equisite rooms?

Patrick Lang


I have not seen it but there was a private "bier stube" in the cellar. pl


Decades ago there was a small, shady garden beside the house, behind an iron gate, open to the public but little known. A lovely spot on a warm spring day or early fall to take a lunch or read for an hour.

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