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21 July 2011


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Yellow Dog

Perhaps the Masonic Temple?

Michael McIntyre

Willard Hotel.....lobby even.


I saw things not unlike this at the Institute of World Politics, at 16th and Church Streets NW.


I haven't a clue, but it looks like somebody was a wood craftsman of the finer variety.

joe brand

If not the Willard Hotel, maybe Anderson House?


Looks like a bar I've never been in.


I am guessing a fine old saloon, or the bar in a restaurant on Connecticut Ave.


cosmos club?


And I was going to guess the Willard.

Patrick Lang


It is none of these although the "Anderson House" was inspired. Speaking of the Cincinnati, it is a frustration of mine that althought I had many relatives and ancestors in the War of Independence none of them were commissioned officers of the Continentental Army. Lots of infantry EM in the CA and lots of militia officers but, no cigar. pl

The beaver

The St Regis Hotel ??

Patrick Lang


No. people at the LOC are also trying to figure this out as well. pl

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

I had a business lunch at the Army-Navy Club in DC once. This is similar to its grandiose interior.

J is right, though, the woodcraft is beautiful.



You came up with a good brain teaser on this one.
Just enough to whet the appetite, but not enough to give away the store.

Patrick Lang

Mike Martin

It is not the Army-Navy Club. pl



Can you give us just a 'hint'? Is it in the
1. entertainment
2. dining
3. education
4. the arts


Since it's in D.C. I assume it's not the Custis-Lee Mansion.


I have only seen a picture of the outside of Fannie Mae's headquarters but it wouldn't surprise me if Louis and Marie Antoinette were inside sipping champagne so that's my guess.

Patrick Lang


Not Fannie Mae

This is baroque, not roccoco. This is a residence, or was a residence.It is in NW. pl

The beaver

OK Colonel

It is the Embassy of Indonesia - former residence of Thomas Walsh.



You being a scholar of the Civil War period, could this perhaps be related to that subject matter? Am I getting warmer, or colder?


Let's see, hmmm......it's too ornate for the Lincoln Cottage, not verbose enough to meet the standards of late great dame of the Washington Post. Doesn't fit the colonial period. Hmmm.....

Patrick Lang


The man who built this came to the US in 1867. pl


Heurich House?

Patrick Lang


Yes. It is open to visitors. pl

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