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04 July 2011


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bill roche

To Mr. Silverman: "when our society begins to consume itself...usw, usw") yes, you said it all right there. We are feeding off ourselves. Feeding aplenty from the capitalism that creates our wealth while fewer of us are contributing to the wealth. Drawing down on our capital we would say in business. A company lives on its assets when it no longer can replace them or no longer thinks the future is worth replacing them. This can not last and doesn't auger well for the future. Speaking as a libertarian who supports the Austrian School, it is not government but too much government that has fueled this attitude of individual entitlement not individual contribution. These days this has "progressed" (there's that progressive spirit for you)to demand for Group Entitlement! And bad men and women from the left and the right have played this hand to get elected and re elected. My heart breaks but we do need to look clearly at the facts (?). The best days of America are behind not ahead. Where is Marcus Aurelius when you need him!?
Bill Roche

bill roche

To Jose: Thank you for your post. But I don't think it was complete. The War of Northern Aggression (1861-65) ended the U.S. Constitution as it was written and put in question the limited state sovereignty as imagined in Philly in 1787. You are sure right that the,17th completed the deal. I am amused by socialist democrats who say lots when conservative republicans get things wrong about the Constitution but are silent when liberal democrats do. How often have I heard a liberal democrat say "federal law trumps state law". No it doesn't as long as state law is within the confines of those areas not listed in the U.S. Constitution as powers of the federal executive or federal legislature. But who cares. After 1865 and the 17th the Constitution is dead. The Federalist have won. We are off to the horrors of big state slavery as imagined by Frederik Hayek. Why does individualism and individual liberty frighten us so?
best to you
Bill Roche

Adam L Silverman

Mr. Roche,

Last I checked the 17th Amendment you're referring to is, in fact, the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. That would seem to indicate that it is constitutional.


@Roche: "Why does individualism and individual liberty frighten us so?"

Deep-seated awareness of its Darwin Award potential perhaps? Group living is a survival strategy.


@Roche - quibble continued.

Individualists are The People Who Make Things Happen. Optimally they are a minority. Individualism is an idiosyncracy, not a virtue.

The People Who Hold Things Together (optimally the majority) are agelophiles [people of the flock] who regard TPWMTH as aberrant -- something between a nuisance and a threat.


"...The War of Northern Aggression (1861-65)..." - BR

Bill, who was the aggressor and fired first?

Dr. Silverman, my point was that the States willing gave up their power to hold the Federal Government in check by ratifying the 17th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

After WWII, when we "guided" the Germans into writing The Basic Law (Constitution), we made sure that the Bundesrat (equivalent of the Senate) was a representation of the Landers (States) as a check on Federal Power.

This power sharing agreement has lead to many strange, but efficient ways to share power as opposed to the duality of bureaucracies in the United States.

Also of interest, the number of Bundesrat members per Lander is based on population, but each State may cast only one vote.

I believe Mr. Farred Zakariya was basing his opinion on the German Basic Law when he spoke on the manner.


Mein Lieber Herr Roche,

"usw, usw"? The english expression is "etc., etc", btw.

Patrick Lang


Re Ft. Sumter, I would agree that the CSA (basically SC) decision to bombard the harbor fort was foolish. It provided Lincoln with a causus belli, but surely this action does not balance out with the Northern sustained and massively destructive invasion of the seceded states. BTW, the Confederate defense of Ft. Sumter over the four years of the war is a lot more interesting as a story. The defeat of a US Navy amphibious landing in 1864 is a particularly interesting story. pl


"All power for landowners! For workers and peasants - a lash!"


Sir, I agree with you, both the stupidity of the Cadets at The Citadel in placing the CSA in "a fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi" and the "fortiter fideliter forsan feliciterdefense" of Fort Sumter by the rebels until Sherman got near.

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