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02 July 2011


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Charles I

I meant to write you earlier after re-reading DPH. Apropos of my earlier comment on the ambivalence, weariness, confusion of interests and loyalties you depicted, from lowly, loyal, lovestruck Smoot to the highest Offices, and affect engendered over the years, I was struck with a wave of if not empathy, then sympathy for you my dear Authour upon contemplating the historical course of events.

It occurred to me that writing volume 3 would be an especially emotionally fraught experience for a Southern Gentleman Soldier.

I praise you as an authour, as a Soldier, as a Southerner, as an American, as a blogger, as an educator, as a man. I felt for you as all as I read as best I can.

Sir, I offer you my greetings and respect on the eve of your Holiday.

I beg you, please complete the trilogy as a smashing good read and a different perspective by which to diminish my ignorance and expand my humanity in a manner edifying, and humbling in its effect on my prejudices.

Happy July Fourth to you all.

Maureen Lang

Thanks for posting this heads up for Abigail Adams' Bunker Hill letter, Pat.

FYI to all (in case you're not already aware of it): HBO will be showing their John Adams mini-series in its entirety starting early on July 4th.


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