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02 July 2011


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Abu Sinan


Can I suggest an Anschutz .17 if you are interested in a really quality firearm? Please see link below. I shot with this brand of rifles for years as a competitor in small bore rifle competition, at the state level and at the national level. I won several state championships with mine and tied a national record at the national championships at Camp Perry Ohio.

They are excellent firearms and make both hunting and competition lines. You wont worry about a flimsy bolt assembly with them. The only draw back is the drain on the wallet as these firearms are not cheap, but you get what you pay for and firearms have been one of many things the Germans make VERY well.



I think we proved we are not rocket scientists by not thinking of that screw. Fully floated barrels are great, but not THAT fully floated.

In defense of the Henry, having the loading gate open from both sides is a benefit, though I find that am not quite as dextrous as when I used to shoot a single-shot Remington of much the same design--with three .22 long rifles clutched in my sweaty palm up on the forearm.

I think the bolt is acceptable. It is light, but this is definitely not a high-rate-of-fire weapon. The trigger is quite good out of the box, firm, with no creep and a crisp break.

I suspect a ten-shot Ruger or a CZ-452 is in your future, but that's just me. Marguerite doesn't read this blog does she?

Patrick Lang

Basilisk et al

What basilisk is talking about is the when we were on the range yesterday we failed to notice that the main bolt that holds the stock to the barrel/receiver assembly was loose. BTW, if you buy one of these you should notice that there is a strange little keystone shaped block of metal that fits into slot on the bottom of the barrel group. The big bolt on the outside of the stock screws into that. This little "widget" fal out of its slot very easily. pl

John Minnerath

My CZ453 also has a full floating barrel.
I bolt into the fore end and another sets the action into the main stock.
Touchiest little buggers I've ever seen.
A touch of the screwdriver the wrong way and bullets are all over the target.
Mine also has a set trigger, very well made, careful adjusting and it's a dream.
When I first heard about these little 17 caliber rim fires I thought "huh?".
They are really an enjoyable round to shoot.
Quiet, no recoil, and fairly inexpensive ammunition.
I still do like my old 60s vintage Remington 700BDL Varmint Special 22-250 though :)



Who makes newly manufacture M1 Carbines?



Springfield Armory, innit? Or at least they're the one I've heard the most about.

Patrick Lang


Henry Repeating Arms is an old well established firm. They have nothing to so with Springfield Armory. where do you live? pl

Patrick Lang

Abu Sinan

Better than I need. pl

Patrick Lang


Auto-Ordnance. pl

Patrick Lang


I will shoot this for a while bfore i make a firm judgment on it. pl

scott s.

Let's face it: My M-1 Carbine is a re-import S'G' mix-master. That you could get parts from so many different manufacturers working at all is pretty amazing.

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