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20 July 2011


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Chet Richards

In the unfortunate event that Mr. Dillane is not available when casting is done for the Devereux movies [and incidentally, when can we expect the next book?], what about Michael Nyqvist, who played Mikael Blomkvist in the Swedish adaptations of the Stieg Larsson novels?

Patrick Lang

Chet Richards

An ineresting thought. Could he do the english? I lost a page of DTS today through some mechanical idiocy of mine and am re-writing it. Reminds of the sainted "Papa's" loss of his manuscripts on the Paris Metro. pl


Col: He was excellent as Jefferson. Only an Englishman could have mastered such controlled contempt for Britain as Dillane's Jefferson. He perfectly channeled Jefferson complete break with the Mother Country.


If they've signed Dillane for Game of Thrones I guess that means I'll have to start watching again.

I’d like to see Dillane get a shot at a big central part. He often seems to wind up playing second banana husbands – Karenin, Leonard Woolf, Brooks Baekeland. He's always good but he deserves better.

James Purefoy, another British actor I think should have done better in feature films than he has, might make a good Devereux. Michael Fassbender? Maybe a little young.

Can’t think of any Americans, but given current fashions in American actors a Brit is probably better in a period role anyway, especially as a Confederate aristocrat (although if Marlon Brando were alive, young, and in shape I’d give him a crack at it).

Daniel Day-Lewis is supposed
to play Lincoln for Steven Spielberg and I guess that was inevitable. America isn't producing Walter Hustons or Henry Fondas any more.

Patrick Lang


To expand on your point, I think a film set in the WBS demands a British or other foreign english speaking director and leads. We Gringos are still too loaded up with baggage about this to do justice to the American Iliad. pl

d smith


Nyqvist can speak English, or at the very least he's learning quick. He's been cast in the new Hollywood Mission: Impossible picture.

Dillane has an interesting role to dig into for Game of Thrones; Stannis Baratheon is one of the most complex characters in the story. Especially once they get to the third book/season.

Patrick Lang


How about Rufus Sewell? pl


Sewell would be good, although I remember reading somewhere that he was hoping to get out of costume dramas for a bit.

“Cold Mountain” was directed by the British Anthony Minghella, who died untimely, and its stars were British and Australian, respectively, but it didn’t seem to help much. “Ride with the Devil,” which I liked a lot in spite of its problems, was an Ang Lee picture, so maybe we should be looking farther east for our director since David Lean is permanently unavailable?


I really dislike Sewell, After my experience with him, I really dislike how he manage to do in work.
He is not a great actor, And I personally prefer Tyrannis.

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