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24 July 2011


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You might want to establish some 'goal posts' first, before you go bantering the work 'extremist/extremism'. Because one believes in the תּוֹרָה‎‎ for example, are they an extremist? Because one believes in the भगवद्गीता, or the القرآن‎ , or the Ἡ Καινὴ Διαθήκη, are they an extremist? If one believes in adherence to our U.S. Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our founding Declaration of Independence, does that constitute an 'extreme' or extremist point of view? If a nation's or state's laws violate the precepts of our U.S. Constitution and fundamental values of being human, to go against such laws does that make those who do extremists?

Adam, IMO you need to establish goal posts before you even begin to delve in to the world of extremism, for without them if not careful one can stumble into an abyss.

Remember once that our nation's founding fathers were considered 'extremists' by the British Crown.

We need goal posts established IMO, 'before' we proceed any farther on this subject.



Man's inhumanity to his fellow man, coupled with mankind's barbaric cruelty to one another masked under their various and sundry religious and social flags, are just breathtaking to behold(in a very negative sense). It was because of such inhumanity and barbaric cruelty by the British Crown, that our United States was born. A nation born in fire and blood. I often wonder just what the thoughts are of the Heavens as they watch our social-humanistic experiment we call a nation as it progress and digresses.

Too bad our species can't get the drift of what Rodney King said -- Why can't we all just get along? -

William R. Cumming

Some interesting discussion and links on the Norwegian event posted on HLSWatch.com

And Dr. Silverman what do you think of the internal reports prepared so far by DOD and its units on the Ft.Hood event?
What analysis did DOD do of the implications of McVeigh's former service or the DC shooter--Muhammed? Is DOD a learning organization when it comes to force protection from deranged or potentially deranged individuals within its ranks? What do DOD's 50 colleges and universities teach about these issues other than your courses?


WRC, Colonel, Adam, FB,

Something troubles me regarding the Norway carnage, it's 'state-sponsored hate', that we're seeing emanating from the Israeli government in both its Intelligence and Hasbra (Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry) operatives who are encouraging hate against Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular, as a matter of 'state policy' and 'state sponsorship'. This is not just unique to the Likud takeover of the control of the Israeli government, but has been an integral part ever since the Israeli state came into being in 1948. It just has been creeping forward is all.

And sadly, we all know there are nutcases out there who are ready to take up such campaigns and turn it into bloody actions.


The Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center's William Schenkelberg says group 'will really show its colors." Studying teenage flash mobs and gypsy crime are among its areas of interest.



I'd bet good money that Schenkelberg has no understanding of the Romani and their internal codes/laws that are an integral part of the Romani society. I doubt that Schenkelberg or most U.S. law enforcement agencies understand the Romani conduct in relation to the Gadjo, and how to deal with it accordingly (approaching 'problems' directly to the Romani Kris).



It is said that an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters might reproduce the works of Shakespeare. It is clear that an infinite number of opportunists with an infinite number of grants from Homeland Security might reproduce idiocy.

Northeast Fusion Center, indeed. Protecting us 24/7 from the "threat of flash mobs." I am SO grateful.



'Monkeys' co-joined with the lost-without-a-clue 'fusion centers', now there is a mix isn't it?


David Neiwert's main blog is here:


If you're interested in researching a particular group you're more likely to find background and historical material there.

Then there's the SPLC's indispensable Hatewatch site:


hope this helps.


Ken Hoop

Brevieck has aligned with Zionist interests, even though having a Euro-nationalist goal.


IOW he trusted "ex" cultural Marxists cum Israel-firsters like David Horowitz to counsel him on how to save Europe.



"Why can't we all just get along?"

I remember this Tale of the Fall of a certain City & its Tower (אֶת-הָעִיר וְאֶת-הַמִּגְדָּל) in Antiquity.

I wonder if its effects are still ever apparent.


Maybe the reason why we don't understand the Others or even make an attempt to.

Easier just to wipe 'em all out as the stories in the Old Testament go by.


Link to excellent story in Der Spiegel International today on links among European (and US) radical right, anti-Muslim groups and the Norwegian connection.


Charlie Wilson


Something tells me you haven't learned to wipe your own behind yet. Let us know a few years after your Bar Mitzvah.



When ever one mentions the SPLC, I run the other way. The SPLC are nothing more than ciphers for a foreign intelligence agency operating on our U.S. soil.


"Let us know a few years after your Bar Mitzvah."


Shalom, Charlie Wilson.


In response to:

Posted by: J | 25 July 2011 at 11:41 PM

I would want to see backing for that allegation J. I make it a a habit of not accepting unsupported allegations.



It's not an 'allegation', it's a 'statement'. I don't care one way or another whether you choose to believe it or not. I am not the only one that has arrived at the same 'conclusion' regarding the SPLC as to what they truly are under their vernier. You want to hug up to them, go right ahead that's your choice. As for me, I'll run the opposite direction, thank you very much.



OK fair enough you're either unable or unwilling to provide a shred of evidence in support of your statement.

As you're "not the only one" are you able to supply a link to a reasoned critique of the SPLC written by somebody else who cites evidence in support of the contention that the SPLC is:

"nothing more than ciphers for a foreign intelligence agency"




You can think what you will. The statement is made, and is repeated once again -- the SPLC are nothing more than ciphers for a foreign intelligence agency operating on our U.S. soil.

Our nation's federal/state/local law enforcement are making a big mistake depending on the 'information' from the SPLC since it is tainted. Once upon a mule U.S. law enforcement used to use their brains and did their own intelligence seeking, instead of what we have today depending on ciphers like the SPLC and outsourcing to do their so-called intelligence collection for them. In so doing, they have opened themselves up to be penetrated in a big way. Such foreign penetration is dangerous for our nation and its citizenry.

It's like the Colonel has stated, intelligence collection is the great game of nations. But that 'game' turns real sour real quick when foreign nations turn it on us and use it to the determent our nation, then it gets personal.

Cheers markfromireland. Incidentally what is your Tartan, and what sept do you hail from?


I met Morris Dees a few yrs ago at an event at the B'ham Civil Rights Institute - unexpectedly. He struck me as an impressive & authentically committed individual - of a kind Alabama produces w/ some regularity but rarely gets credit for (maybe because so many split the scene?).

Funny thing, I've followed the activities of the SPLC since moving down South during what we call The Civil Rights Era. My observation was then & remains - honest & brave work they've done... & when I say brave I mean "surprised no one ever killed him" kinda brave.

No, I don't contribute to them, have any work w/ SPLC or family employed there, etc etc. & while I'm occasionally fooled, I'm not often fooled for a long time about something I pay attention to.

So, I too would be curious about J's claim. It's a cipher to me.

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