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13 July 2011


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The woman next door shoots and she says .32 loads bounce off paper targets. But then Billy the Kid built a reputation on the .32.

I have a .38, 9mm and double barrel 16 gauge that was my grandfathers.


So should we not read it because you don't think we view pornography or because you don't wish to be a pornographer?

Medicine Man

Negative stereotyping: A lot of Canadians like gun porn.


Mind you I am going to have to look up what hydrashock ammunition is now.


Colonel Lang,

Yes, an excellent weapon. It is the progenitor of all the new, currently popular, .32/.380 double action pocket pistols.
I have fired it many times. I normally carry a Ruger .380 LCP with a Crimson Trace laser sight. At 7 yards [FBI close quarters drill]a tin can is doomed. With 95 grain Federal HydraShock rounds villains [not further identified out of a sense of caution] are going to have a very bad day if they intrude in the life of a Virginia Gentleman.

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96

R. White

Quite the thorough review!

The Twisted Genius

I have a Savage .32 model 1907 that I recently inherited along with a Colt 1911A1 in excellent condition. It's my "Road to Perdition" set. The Colt serial number dates it to 1941. I'm anxious to try them out at Clark Brothers. As part of my inherited arsenal, I also have a Luger P08 made in 1917 with all matching parts and accessories including holster. It's date and place of capture are written on the holster.

Jim Ticehurst

Thats a nice and populsr pockrt gun Col..I Like My PPK/s 9mm Kurtz..

Patrick Lang


I have a Walther PPK in .380, and marked made in Alexandria. pl


I prefer my Beretta 92FS Centurion. My wife could handle it in a pinch, and it feels much better on the range than a comparable Glock. I just don't care for the lightness of smaller pistols.


I m with the nightsticker, I own 3 of the Rugers with the lazer sights. The 380 round is a marginal man stopper at best.

But the 380 autos are as small as your wallet, and you are much more likley to carry it, when you unfortunately need it.

Something about the first rule of gun fighting;" be sure to bring a gun".


One thing I love about going to the range is friendly people who let you try their guns (and I let them try mine). I'm a simple fellow--just have a Ruger .38 revolver.

Patrick Lang


Tell you what. You can run by as fast as you can from right to left at 50 yards and I will shoot you with my .380 PPK. we will then see if you are "stopped." Ask Basilisk what your chances would be. pl



Now I know you are one of those "snake eater" trained killers and all that.

But I have to question your ability to hit, what would be a very high speed, and weaving target at 150 feet, with a weapon which has a 3 inch or so barrel.

But seriously, you take on a fully insane say "redneck"(it's only politically correct to use a white guy in examples like this),who is hyped up on meth. Yea, the 380 can kill him, but he might well take 30 minutes or so to die, and in the mean time kill you.

Ain't nothing like the old .45 ACP round for knocking the bad guys down, first time and everytime.

But, who is going to carry a 1911 around? So here we are, back to your little KELTEC or my Ruger. Shoot straight and fast. A laser helps my old eyes a lot.


Not being a gun person I do not know much but having been on the other end having three shots miss in close quarters from a disgruntled employee I know them head shots are useless.

Thus in all respect I would take you up on the 50 yard dash as long as the bet is worth it......

Patrick Lang

Bobo & Highlander

You all let me know when you want to get together up in the hinterlands with all the paperwork filled out, wills, etc. pl

Utah Ed

I'm with Highlander, I carried a 9mm for many many years until I discovered the Springfield Armory XD-45acp, which is small enough to carry and packs a true .45ACP wallop.


All y'all, that testosterone stuff is gettin' all riled up, you're about to give us gun nuts a bad name. No dueling. Not even by running in front of little short range popguns.

PL is just kidding I suspect. I know him to be a man of great good sense. On the other hand, I've seen him shoot, so I would not take that bet.

Patrick Lang


Yup, Basilisk has it right, I am joking, although that would not technically be a "duel." I should say that with this Interarms stainless .380 PPK I shot a target with all the rounds in a magazine in a group 4 inches in diameter at 25 yards. This was "offhand," i.e., standing. A police firearms instructor present asked if I would like a part time job teaching cops to shoot.BTW, I don't like laser sights. You spendyour time lining up the little red dot when you should be shooting. pl

Patrick Lang


"Pop gun?" I don't think so. There is far too much emphasis on large caliber, high powered pistols today and not enough on sound marksmanship. I have seen complaints about the PPK concerning "slide bite" from the small frame. Well, on the range wear gloves, in a crisis you won't care. Another complaint is about the heavy trigger pull in firing the first round double action. You should not need the first one and if you have a couple of seconds you can cock the external hammer with your thumb. highlander, I want to see some meth soaked ridgerunner keep coming with a hollow point .380 round in him. pl


Colonel Lang,

Actually this has a lot of potential; it could take off. I am imagining the "Annual SST Invitational Running Man Mouse Gun Gamble Shoot". I can see them trekking in from all over the SST world
to participate or observe.

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96

Charles I

For goodness sake man, we just had an election and the gun laws were the first thing changed, one that didn't change much, certainly not amount guns, shooters, owners and voyeurs.

Cities are awash in handguns. In the country, everyone has guns, thank heavens, its a bad bad raccoon year. I hear gunfire up here every week, often everyday.

I support strict gun laws, don't feel a need or desire to own a handgun. Put neighbour's gun in my hand, I wannna shoot. Its fun. Major empowerment, like a car, or a plane. Merciful pest control.

So it ain't our reaction to the gun porn got your hackles up I'll wager, but our judgment about the pornographers, hypocritical namby-pambys we are.

Up here, we don't take our porno out to the health care rally, that's all. We enjoy double digit, rather than triple digit urban murder rates, and, oh, the humaity, imagine some socio-cultural difference which tends in our moral favour to cheer us up even more. Other than that we love guns, we love porno, biggest downloaders on the planet living next to the second best, slightly more enthusiastic country on planet.

Saw a mangy young fox and a healthy young bear coming back from the dump.

Happy shooting.

Patrick Lang


This could become an Olympic event. It could develop rules like flyfishing to see what the smallest round would be that would bring a target down. pl

R Whitman

I have been thinking of purchasing a new 9mm. Have tried a Beretta 92fs with poor results and a Glock 19, Gen 4 with better results but am bothered by the polymer frame. Any other suggestions. Do not need to carry concealed. 40 and 45 cal too much recoil for my small old hands.

Patrick Lang

R Whitman

if you are asking me i have stopped buying guns, I think,. a weapon that intrests me is the Kel-Tec PMR-30. pl

John Minnerath

I think I'd rather have the 22 mag, but it's a lot bigger than the .32ACP.
I've heard Kel-Tec has stopped building them because of key-holing of the bullets.
Sounds like they didn't do enough research into rifling twist for the cartridge.
That little Tec 32 is barely over a half pound, a full cylinder in my 357 probably weighs as much.
I'm not sure if anyone is making a 22 mag pistol anywhere near as compact and light weight as the Kel-Tec 32.

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