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11 July 2011


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With U.S. military aid cut, Pakistan eyes China - World Watch - CBS News

Norbert M Salamon

There is some interesting asnalysis on Asia Times [July 12] on this issue.
Read and enjoy!


Ltd cut off all their visas and trade while we are at it and have them start to export their troubles to china and India instead. This needs to be done with all the trouble spots.

William R. Cumming

The real rationale for staying in Afghanistan is further exposed daily--keep your eyes on Pakistan.
The owners of the "Islamic Bomb" are now a critical threat to much more than USA interests in anti- and counter-terrorism.

This is a rogue state.


Two points:

1. confusedponderer - McVeigh vs. AlQ is not the same by a long shot. AlQ is like a zombie army that may not have the capability to do another 9/11, but is and will be relentless and has new members lining up to die for it.

2. Pakistan's "turn" towards China goes only so far. China cannot and will not provide the direct $ infusion that the US directly and indirectly (IMF/WB) provides. Plus Pak Generals don't send their kids to school in Shanghai or buy villas in Kunming. They do so in the US, UK, Canada etc.

No one expects Pakistani Generals to abandon all their prodixes, but I find it hard to believe that they would be willing to risk becoming a North Korea and give up contact with the West just to "save their honor and dignity", instead of jettisoning their most troublesome jihadist assets.

The only question is whether they have the courage and the wisdom to bite the bullet now or they choose to be humiliated further by being forced to do so after a FATA linked terror attack in the West.


We should demand:

1. a cut of all the Lithium the Chinese will mine in Afghanistan

2. plus another cut in logistical savings The Middle Kingdom will have transferring the ore via the new Sino-Pakistani Naval Base in the Arabian Sea


Re: "McVeigh vs. AlQ is not the same by a long shot. AlQ is like a zombie army that may not have the capability to do another 9/11, but is and will be relentless and has new members lining up to die for it."

McVeigh committed the worst act of terror against the US and on US soil pre-911. That is very significant, just as the attack itself was significant. The response to it was far less hysterical than the response to 9/11.

What and who are the US exactly fighting in AfPak? Pakistan's proxies don't equal AlQ, nor do they share goals or ideology. And what about the Taleban? What they may have in common though is that they shoot at Americans and at NATO troops. Well, why?

Your answer still doesn't answer the question to which extent Taleban fight the US because they are 'over there' (as opposed to AlQ's pan-Islamic ideas) or the equally pertinent question how, and if, why, AlQ existence compels the US to maintain a presence in AfPak. Beyond keeping an eye on AlQ, what is America's stake in this? And what does presence mean?

Also, why do you think the aid lever will dissuade Pakistan from pursuing what they think of as their fundamental interests (i.e. funding their proxies)? The Pakistanis don't just do it out a habit or compulsion.



The US is finally fighting the right enemy - transnational AlQ types. The move to CT from COIN basically concedes that fighting the "sons of the soil" Taliban was unwise. But the same does not apply to specific subsets of the current Afghan anti-Kabul forces.

You are misinformed re Pak proxies and AlQ ties. The biggest Pak proxies in AfPak are the Haqqanis, who under the leadership of Siraj Haqqani have been the single biggest enabler of Al Qaeda and virtually every terrorist in the badlands with transnational ambitions.

And BTW, there IS an element of compulsion or sheer inertia with Pakistan's support of some of these proxies. They are on the fence regarding some and just need the right incentives. A constant and forceful reminder that Pakistan will be responsible for any actions linked to its proxies, along with the aid lever can be effective.

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