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18 July 2011


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If Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. wants U.S. to stay in Iraq so badly, then let him go over there and walk point. I wouldn't give him a week.

The NEOCONS, chickhawks-who've-never-worn-a-uniform, wannabe-armchair-generals-with-beers-in-their-hands, need to get off their duffs and down to the nearest U.S. Military Recruiting Office and join up, so we can let them fight their wars while everybody else goes home to their families!

I'm not sure I quite underswtand Wayne White's reasoning in his 'Don't be too frightened to leave'..... I don't understand where he's coming from. Wayne appears to be looking it from a bookkeepers angle, not a boots-on-the-ground fellow who gets stuck eating dust and walking point, and having to live on MREs and being constipated 3/4s of the time because of it.

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