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22 July 2011


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The Israelis have been laundering stories through a variety of media sources about an impending attack on Iran since 1994 - that the usual suspects in Washington are dutifully doing their propaganda jobs is just part of the normal routine. Seriously, is there an Israeli "interest" that John Bolton has NEVER pimped for?

To put it bluntly, Israel is determined to fight Iran to the last American - it certainly has no intention of going there itself - too far, too risky; and it's not as if this isn't well understood in Washington.



Boy you hit the nail on the head, and said a mouthful with your "Israel is determined to fight Iran to the last American".

What do you make of the FDIF http://www.fidf.org/ bunch's high dollar fund raisers for the IDF? I wonder how many 'non-donations' those particular donors have made to the USO on behalf of U.S. Military personnel? And just think, the FDIF is 'directed' by a retired Israeli general, openly operating on our U.S. soil.

Babak Makkinejad


The Grand Strategy of the United States, formulated by US DoD, calls for the elimination of independent Iranian power. This is the crux of the matter; the nuclear program of Iran is only an excuse as a tool of propaganda - in my opinion.

Until and unless the United States revises her Grand Strategy, this will persist. Thomas Jefferson could be the Iranian President but that will not make any difference.

This is an issue of "Power".

Ken Hoop

Has anyone here made mention that another purported Iranian nuclear scientist just got offed?

Interested in reading any speculation.

Babak Makkinejad

Ken Hoop:

I wonder when some one is the West is going to be "offed" - in your splendid phraseology - in retaliation.



That act will be called "terrorism", scare the public, who will then sing C&W national anthemns to our right to invade Iran.

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