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13 July 2011


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This is obscene, particularly "releasing the database," which I think translates to a smear campaign.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. If somebody in our great nation is able to run for - and win - office based on his record as a war criminal (which is what West did, if I recall correctly), he's entitled to bring as many clown cars full of ignorant freaks in front of Congress as he likes.


Just as Joseph McCarthy was an embarrassment to Catholics everywhere, Congressman West is a shame to African-Americans. It's nice to see that the prior victims of discimination seem to have learned nothing from that collective experience.

R Whitman

In my misspent youth we had such things as Martin Dies of the House Unamerican Activities Committee, Joseph McCarthy in the Senate, the John Birch Society and the Christian AntiCommunist Crusade(kill a commie for Christ.)

It is good to know that American kooks and wierdos have survived and are trying to resurect themselves. This time they might find a home on the Comedy Network.


It's just anohter profit center for the lunatic fringe. If it's not the Muslim Brotherhood, it's the "creeping threat of Sharia Law," P.T. Barnum was so right.

Thanks for the details, Adam.

Patrick Lang


Unfortunately, a former director of DIA has signed up to cheerlead for this collection of clowns. pl

ex-PFC Chuck

Thanks, Adam, for this informative post. Instead of the Red Menace that I and my contemporaries grew up with in the 40s and 50s, my grand children must now endure politicians bloviating about the Green Menace of Islam.

When passing along a Google search statement, such as the one that took two and a half lines in your second footnote, you might consider using one of the free URL shrinking services, such as http://tinyurl.com or http://bit.ly. These will condense a URL of several hundred characters into one of no more than about two dozen. bit.ly is especially handy since, if you have an account, it maintains a record of past shrunken URLs you have generated for future reference. It would also be appropriate for users of this blog, since "dot ly" is the national top level domain of Lybia. To the best of my knowledge it has no connection with the country's government other than perhaps the money its owners pay for the use of the domain.

Babak Makkinejad


I think it is a really really bad idea for prejudging the Muslim Brotherhood or to take a politicized position on Sharia.

Such partisan positions by non-Muslim who have no skin in the game will almost certainly degenerate into an anti-Islam position that would further poison the relationship of the United States with the broader Muslim World.

I am aware of the argument that prophesizes the elimination of representative government if MB or other such formations gaining a majority in the state’s governing structures.

I find that argument to be weak because:

1 - Almost always there is no prior representative governing structure any way

2 - We do not know if the fear is justified and the prophesy will be fulfilled – there is no empirical evidence that justifies the prophecy

3 - Even if the prophesy be true, foreigners cannot rescue other polities from reaching a dead-end; "You cannot live their history for them."

Whether Muslims live within Sharia legal structures or not should be irrelevant to the people and the government of the United States; in my opinion.



"Unfortunately, a former director of DIA has signed up to cheerlead for this collection of clowns. pl"

I am so acutely aware of that.

An exalted former title lends no credibility. This is nothing but a shill-for-cash role, IMHO. It makes me sick, but this is not the first thing the individual has fronted without the slightest amount of substantive knowledge. Sad.

Patrick Lang


One of his personal worthwhile attributes was a modesty born of the knowledge that th eprefessionals were "carrying" him. That, evidently, is gone. pl

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