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24 July 2011


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William R. Cumming

Reread recently Jared Diamond's "Collapse of Civilization" and its interesting question as to what the person chopping down the last tree on Easter Island was thinking. Few now occupying the seat of government in the USA are concerned that perhaps only one tree is left.
And I would like to know what medications all involved in the deficit reductions are on? Or drug use legal and illegal including alcohol? There are signs of severe neuroses or psychoses in some of the participants IMO.


Don't buy into the hype that we default if the debt ceiling is not raised. We only default if the administration decides to pay the interest on the debt last. We maxed our credit cards, then our plan is to continue to spend at that rate to avoid default. Bueller?

Pay the interest first, avoid default, then make hard choices about what we will spend the remainder on -- not enough to go around but it stops the merry-go-round we on where this administration just continues to spend without regard to program outcomes or revenues. And before you accuse me of blaming Obama or the Dems or being a racist because I don't like spending almost twice what we take in, look at the data. Domestic spending is skyrocketing under this administration, no matter how much the last one spent (which was too much).

It's fun to blame Republicans for Iraq and the deficit, but it was Bill and Hillary who said that Saddam was a clear and present danger back in '98, before Bush cherry-picked the intelligence and overcame his idiocy to work his Jedi-mind tricks on an unsuspecting Congress. Pelosi (whom I agreed with) scourged Bush's deficit spending but did nothing to fix it when the Dems gained control of the WH and Congress. Indeed, the deficit not only got worse but got much worse. I know, James Fallows says it was because the Dems didn't have 60 votes in the Senate. Amazing how crafty those stupid hayseeds are that they can get their way no matter who is in power.

Patrick Lang


I didn't say anything about default. What I am asking concerns Adam Silverman's salary and "J"s retired pay. pl



If the debt ceiling is not raised, then the President will have the sole authority to determine where to spend current revenues. Given that current revenues are about $1.5 trillion dollars short of current expenses, he will have some tough decisions to make on who gets money and who doesn't. In short everything is at risk, including Dr. Silverman's salary and "J"s retired pay - it's up to the executive to decide.

Byron Raum

When you can't pay your bills, the last thing that gets paid is interest on money already owed. The first thing is food, water, electricity, etc.

Medicine Man

So Bill and Hillary were responsible for the Iraq war? Thanks for the clarification.


As long as the dominant narrative about the war is that the Confederacy was all about slavery and nothing but slavery and thus the conflict was a more or less straightforward matter of Good v. Evil, this kind of article is the best to be hoped for in the popular press. At least McCartney didn't compare Jefferson Davis to Hitler.

I tuned out on the debt ceiling debate about a week ago. The Democrats are craven and the Republicans have gone well beyond irresponsible. Our country is in bad trouble.


Mr. Giraldi,
re: "I believe that what we are seeing is political theater intended only to damage the president while producing a last minute deal that will accomplish nothing. It is a measure of how low we have sunk."

It is, and clowns like Trump, Bachmann or Perry are another measure.



My apologies if this has already been discussed upthread, but my two cents:

What I find really disturbing--well, at least as disturbing as a dozen or so other things--is the fact that Boehner, and most likely Reid and Obama as well, are pushing this Super Congress commission idea that would have the power to draft legislation with only an up or down floor vote.

Obama's deficit commission of last year was the same sort of animal, though Congress itself refused to approve it, Obama went ahead and appointed it anyway.

I think it's dangerous that issues are taken out of the established public political arena and left to "our betters" to enact with only the figleaf of a congressional rubber stamp.

Where in the constitution do they find this idea?

Why not just rule by decree?

William R. Cumming

The bottom line issue is to protect the lobbyists and those they lobby for that represent the current oligarchic USA system. Value to and for the people of government services and rules is not any longer the litmus test for success of any political leader at any level of government. Time will tell the full story. But again by 2045 the century ending year from 1945 will indicate that the American polity frittered away its possibilities and responsibilities through waste and military investments that returned little of value. A richly endowed but incompetent CIA led the decline because its personnel could not speak or understand other cultures and languages. Despite its PR, the CIA's mistakes far overshadow its successes.



"The men of Wu and Yueh hated each other, however, encountering severe winds when crossing a river on the same boat, they assisted each other like left and right hands."



In times of old, S.O.B.s who did not see eye-to-eye could compromise to keep their boat from sinking.

It would be tragic and sad to see this (American) Enterprise sink due to the petty issues of pride...

Perhaps they have not heard of this ancient tale either --

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lin_Xiangru (蔺相如)


"A Prime Minister has such magnanimity that his belly can hold a ship."

IMO the hoi polloi of the U.S. of A are eagerly anticipating the revival of their Nation thru these dire straits, but what leaders have they to navigate this ship of theirs?


"When the lips are gone, the teeth will be exposed to danger."

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