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24 July 2011


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Sidney O. Smith III


The American “ethos” can no longer process historical change, for reasons about which you write.

From ethos, to pathos, to a tragic form of bathos. No matter where on the conventional political spectrum, it is all the same. Seems to suggest that America’s original sin is hubris. It’s the only thing remaining in DC.

g. powell

I just got back from a week or so in Beijing, and for the first time abroad I wasn't proud to be an American. While we're involved in dumb political games that puts our economy in danger, they're building things. Big things.



Co-existing with the debacle we're seeing happening on the D.C. stage, elsewhere there are job layoffs everywhere one looks.

Buzz Meeks

St. Ronnie's true legacy.

Mark Gaughan

I hope that Gericault's painting does not foretell our future.


In the end, the Republicans will fold. Their Wall Street masters will order them to.

Will Reks


Interest rates are so low that it is almost criminal for us not to be investing in much-needed infrastructure projects.

Our standard of living is eroding. This is not sustainable.

Mark Gaughan

"Horse jerk views", another Gericault painting reminds me of the current Republicans.
PS: I couldn't paste this painting into my comment. Maybe you can put it in for everyone else here to see.

Phil Giraldi

As I truly believe that only extremely strong medicine can fix our government by credit card, I would normally support a Republican refusal to deal for less even in extremis. Unfortunately, like Col. Lang, I believe that what we are seeing is political theater intended only to damage the president while producing a last minute deal that will accomplish nothing. It is a measure of how low we have sunk.

Ken Hoop

when the "Country comes apart".....?

I prefer the secessionist League of the South types to the McCartney multiculturalist egalitarian guilt-trippers.

g. powell


My thoughts exactly. With money this cheap, plenty of folks without work and an infrastructure that's the laughingstock of the world, it's idiotic not to invest. But money won't be so cheap once the GOP gets its way and we default.

Allen Thomson

> See Robert McCartney's nastiness about the South in today's Washington Post...

> I tried to write about his piece but gave up in disgust.

I agree -- who can't -- about the state of current American politics, and fear greatly for what is to come.

However, if you could share some of your thoughts about McCartneys's piece and what you find offensive in it, I'd be really interested. I'm a native of Cochise County, AZ, son of parents and grandparents from that part of the world, and, other than having grown up with a general impression that the USA was on the right side and the CSA on the wrong one, can't say that such things were in the air I breathed while growing up. We thought of ourselves as basically undifferentiated Americans when it came to identity, the Civil War was almost a century in the past, and that was kind of it. No sense of triumphalism, injustice, superiority, resentment or any such thing. Maybe we were just so isolated that we missed out on what other parts of the country were experiencing.

So if you, who have much more experience and knowledge about such matters, would talk about how you see it, it would be a favor.

Allen Thomson

> No sense of triumphalism, injustice, superiority, resentment or any such thing.

Having posted that, I can see that I should have been clear that the words were to be taken in general, not to be associated with any particular side or sentiment.

Roy G.

Unfortunately, Col., vampires can't see themselves in the mirror.


I'm afraid the the Republican spolitical masters won't muzzel them because they have shorted the dollar.

The Rich plan to buy what they want of America for pennies in the dollar. That is what "privatisation" and infrastructure investment funds is all about.


One happy note is McCartney won't bother us 'til mid August. Hopefully he can read up some on his history since I'm sure the Chippewa and Ojibwa would like their land (Minnesota & Michigan) back.

Stanley Henning

Well, the Republicans brought us Iraq and the beginnings of the bottomless Afghan pit, so now they would sacrifice our nation in hopes that they can win the next election rather than cooperate to the real benefit of our nation. I hate to say this, but I guess I'm glad to be 70, but I'm afraid I'm destined to see the initial actions leading to dissolution of my beloved country as I have known it.



Why is D.C. (Congress & the White House) being so 'mean' to our nation's citizenry? The President wasn't kind to our nation's elderly when he scared them with the threat that their Social Security checks may not go out next month, even though the money is there for it. That was 'mean'. The Congress led by the nitwits and half-wits of both parties with the primary half-wits (who are currently the minority in Congress0 being Mr. Boner (oops, his spelling of his name is Boehner) and his threats. Boehner's threats are just plain 'mean', as it causes ulcers on both Main street as well as Wall Street as he banters about 'default' this and 'default' that. Boehner is just plain 'mean'. And your state's Rep who is the minority whip Rep. Cantor, his making money betting against the solvency of our federal government, is just plain 'mean' as he is hoping our nation gets hurt. That is just plain 'mean' of him to behave that way.

I recommend that D.C. politcos be corraled like a little Johnny who gets sent to the principal's office for their 'mean' behavior (a.k.a. Bullies), and sat down and forced to watch Talyor Swift very real 'lecture' of it's not nice to be 'mean'.


Maybe we need to give the big boot to the whole D.C. debacle and put Taylor in the drivers seat since she seems to be the 'sane one'.

Stanley Henning

I'm afraid that, if we continue in our current trajectory, reflections of the Norway syndrome may begin to appear and we will begin to look like the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, etc. Come on "leaders", let's sacrifice selfish interests and lead for once!


The President should say he will pull all troops from Iraq and Aphganistan if the debt ceiling isn't raised. I won't mind it but the Republicans would immediately cave. Obama doesn't play poker obviously.

Nancy K

J, I watched the video and loved it. Rep Cantor will have to explain to his constituents why he hates his country. If they hate Obama more than they love their country, than they deserved Cantor and what they get.



This is the best explanation I have seen for our current dilemma.




The American public may vote the bums out. All of them.

Augustin L

The gulag economy it's already here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q-5_7Xg9z9M

The reich's mistake was that it did not list some of it's concentration camps on various stock exchanges,this would seem to be the thinking of the current propononents of public choice theory. These various ''operating systems'' used by the all-powerful ''corporate persons'' at the center of our economic architecture are leading us straight to hell.

Bill H.

I pretty musch despise Republican posturing, and take the position that the debt ceiling should simply be raised in a "clean bill" without all this deficit debate. That being said, I'm not all that thrilled with Obama's threat to veto a short term deal because it would interfere with his reelection camapign.

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