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15 July 2011


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The 'American Hasbara' a one former-Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has said in a recent visit to Israel (said it on foreign soil no less) that our current U.S. President, quote: "the Most Anti-Israel President in the History of the State, without any question." unquote. Israeli governmental compensated U.S. Hasbara Bolton said such in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. Bolton also criticized Obama's policy with Iran. Remember that Bolton has in the recent past been walking the halls of the U.S. Congress talking to anybody would listen to his tripe, that our U.S. 'must' boom-boom Iran. Bolton, if his keester were to be strapped to one of those boom-booms that he wants dropped on Iran, would sing a different tune if his personal keester were put in the cross-hairs of his Hasbara bullshit!

Bolton is a numnutz there is no question, but a very dangerous numnutz. Too bad that DOJ won't go after him and force Bolton to register himself as an agent for a foreign power under FARA. Oops, I forgot DOJ doesn't even have the balls or backbone to go after an even worse agent for a foreign power called aIPAC (remember that the 'a' is 'silent'). Both are doing damage to our U.S. on behalf of a foreign power, and DOJ just 'yawns'.

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