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29 June 2011


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"No women to speak of in this thing"

A film with no nubile semi-nude wenches?


I'm better off watchin' kung-fu flicks.


I watched it a few days ago.It turned out to be one of those(At least for me) films that you find yourself starting to wait and wait and wait and wanting to 'get' into the movie,but you just can't.I hung around bored and then fast forworded the last 1/3.It was 2+ hours that should/could have been 1:20.O.K. O.k.we "got it'after 10 minutes............In a few minutes I will watch may favorite actor, Michael Caine in 'Shadow Run'that I haven't seen before.


For one to whom Beowulf and Grendel must be prefixed with .50 Beowulf, and 6.5 Grendel, this review is a welcome slap in the jib with a Danishesque reality.

Do be advised, the 6.5 Grendel will reliably make prairie dogs fly from 650 yards.


As an ethnic squarehead, I generally need help figuring things out.
Col Lang and posters on this site have helped me try to understand Vietnam (which I didn't quite get when I was there)
I liked Valhalla Rising, but other than the boat,I'm not sure why. It may be because I think the kid may have been adopted by the skraelings and absorbed into their culture.

Charles I

Watched Aguirre last night. It and Klaus Kinski were fantastic, fantastical. gonna cue up Fitzcarraldo in a minute. Become sorta smitten with Werner Herzog, just heard a lengthy interview with him by Eleanor Wachtel on CBC Radio, name of hers show escapes me at the moment. Very good German accented English in this soft beguiling voice. He's obsessed with the Jungle.

Turns out he directed wanted, er, noted, thespian Nic Cage in the Bad Lieutenant remake, so I'll watch it next.

Then I have in interview movie of him chatting as he eats his shoe to settle some bet. Thence to Valhalla.


The review is even better after the movie which may have been better for the review.

Farrell is a candidate for the anything-they-want-to-write-about-I-want-to-read list.

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