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29 June 2011


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What the...? Have you been hacked?


If "Comic Book Guy" from the simpsons lost 160lbs and cut his hair, you'd get me. This review just makes me feel better about my 'it can wait for Netflix' decision.

Captain America on the other hand...I know it's going to be a turd, but I can't not go see Cap.(I am drinking a cocktail from my Captain America tumbler as I write this)

Medicine Man

Saw this one; thought it was a good beer and pretzels movie. Didn't take itself too seriously. Wasn't painfully cheesy (was somewhat cheesy, just not painfully so imo). I must have missed the environmental message though; were the scientists riding around in the Mystery Machine and I didn't notice?

FB Ali

BG Farrell should perhaps have his keyboard checked; some letters seem to be sticking!

Other than that, I second Nick: WTF?


@Rick ... I had a set of heirloom 7-11 Captain America tumblers which I managed to lose and forget. Do they still make them - or have you preserved yours for 35 years?

Patrick Lang

FB Ali

No. Alan is inventing his own style in English somewhat like Faulkner. you would love him, a true soldier. pl


What's this, no crevasse-seeking spandex? Thor, as rhymes with bore, perhaps? As to "Shaakespeaare guy like Braanaaugh" seems he knows when to run to the sound of the cash register.

FB Ali

Col Lang,

I'm sure I would. As I'm sure I would anyone you held in high esteem.

I was doing some leg-pulling. And, I couldn't resist using this abbreviation that seems to be rather favoured these days by my two grandsons in high school!

Roy G.

I loove thee aacceent, Allaann!

Too bad the superhero movies mostly suck, but back in the day, Marvel was gifted with being able to more subtly treat their comics with more complex issues and emotions than was apparent on the surface to our clueless parents, or what passes for subtle today. It is perhaps ironic that this gift of storytelling reached a peak with pen and ink illustration on low-grade printing, and has slumped into simulacra with the rise of digital fx and the imperatives of summer blockbusters.

Paul Escobar

LOL!: "Heimdaaaal (who for some inexplicaable reaason is aa blaack Norwegiaan)"

Mr. Farrell,

Next time you watch a movie, please use a voice recorder...if possibe, a camcorder.

Mr. Lang's transcripts of your stand-up don't capture the reaction of audiences in the movie theatre.




This is where I got mine, but as I browse the page I don't see Cap. Baffling in the face of the movie release...perhaps Amazon or your local comic shop.


FB Ali,

using those abreviations one would think your grandsons are getting to Americanized!

Byron Raum

I think all of these movies are viewed by Maaaarrrwell as experiments; they are feeling their way through to see what works.

FB Ali


Canadianized, I would say. What I find quite remarkable is the complete absence of any sense of personal ethnicity among them and their schoolmates. There is a great admixture of backgrounds in their public school, which is typical of public schools in the Greater Toronto Area (and in other large metropolitan cities in Canada).

The students recognize these different ethnicities, and some of the peculiarities associated with each, but without any feeling of bias or even strangeness. Nor any sense of belonging to a particular ethnicity; there don't seem to be any groups formed on this basis.

This is quite a change from what we found on coming to Canada, and even what our children experienced growing up. A very welcome change. Of course, there is a long way to go before this homogeneity spreads to other spheres, especially government and business.

As for the language, and many of their other 'customs', that one must chalk up to North American culture (that's the polite name, actually plain American would be more accurate)!

Charles I

Aalan my love where have you been. "fulsome if fur-swaaddled Sif" aside, may the white dove indeed sleep with the fishes. Aa compleat turkey, sure to be repeated once, although KB's not a serial director. . .


Brig. Ali,

It is the good fortune of your grand kids that they live in Acadia.

I grew up in a multi-ethnic society, but curiously it seems I've become more of a racial profiler of late (well, at least against a certain group).

The comin' of age?

William R. Cumming

Please file under THOR in Wikipedia.


FB Ali,

That is one kind of homogeneity to be appreciated, though it is the opposite of the kind I see forming in the US. I found a similar sense amongst some of the Canadians I deal with in my work, though there seems to be quite the bias against the attitudes of their fellows in Quebec. (mostly regarding the professed ignorance of English).


Saw Incendies the other night.


Remember the "oh, s**t" moment in Sophie's Choice which explains the name of the movie? This one's worse - creepier, at least - and it doesn't even explain the title.

I cry for Lebanon.

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