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14 June 2011


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So what exactly about the Ron Paul "money trail" has you bothered? Thanks

Ken Hoop


This just out is pretty good from globealoney guy Barnett.

Appreciate the Col's perspective.



"All of you pretty much see the problem, but I wonder how many of you are able or willing to think outside the box with regard to remedies."

How about forming the Whiskey Party (Sic Semper Taverns)? We would get 21 members to stand for election to the House of Representatives as independents in rural districts. The platform would focus on the needed foreign policy corrections, an US infrastructure survey to determine 100yr maintence requirements and future development, tax simplification and balance, financial regulation and enforcement,
and election reform.

This would change the debate narrative and could garner support from the fed-up middle of the poltical spectrum.


J, something else for you to think about regarding Ron Paul:




I'd drink to that, it makes as much sense as anything else on the table. And would surely be more fun along the way.


Would give new meaning to the term "under the table dealings."

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