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30 June 2011


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Given that Tom Petty has declined to allow Michelle Bachman to use his song “American Girl” as her campaign theme song, which other song would be most appropriate?





I'd say 'Danger zone', though she won't get the joke or the permission.


A little proof of Nightsticke's observations from your post "ignatius-on-the-hidden-cost-of-ct"

"The mindset and the practices that failed us and disgraced us abroad are now "blowing back" to us at home. Militarized local cops,TSA gropers, USDA wanna-be SWAT teams,warrantless surveillance,WDC locked down normally like Pyongyang,etc etc."



"God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols.


“She’s a super-freak” by Rick James...


"Stupid Girl" by The Rolling Stones


"Killer Queen" by, of course, Queen...

Cloned Poster

Interesting radio interview by one of UK's leading's expert on Arab Spring.

Mark Logan

"All We Gotta Do"


SAC Brat

"The Butterfly Collector" by The Jam?

"Oh My God" from Cults?


Pepe Escobar: “NATO’s mix of arrogance and incompetence is inevitably leading towards a balkanization of Libya – a scenario Asia Times Online has already predicted. Considering almost two million machine-guns have already been distributed among the population, and assuming NATO will end up daring to put boots on the ground – the only way to win a decisive “victory” – one may imagine the absolutely dire consequences in terms of very bloody urban combat.”

Plus, China out, France in. Plus there are more reports of French & British plans that pre-date the Arab Spring.


"I Want It All" by Queen.

Nancy K

Just finished reading the article on the Saudis/Bush and 911. What did Bush know and when did he know it? Cheney has been very quiet lately, is he in hiding?


"What a Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers

My already high regard for Tom Petty has just increased tremendously. Thing is, if you listen to the lyrics of "American Girl", it's kind of a bleak story, and a strange choice of imagery to hook up to a presidential campaign. It ain't no "Don't Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow"...

If she had to choose a Petty song, "I Won't Back Down" would have been a much better choice.


No doubt that it would have to be "Kill the Poor" by Dead Kennedys

Mark Logan

The debt ceiling. Seems to me a lot of people, especially the bond market, are dismissing the possibility of chaos on the basis of "...they can't be that crazy."

(insert maniacal laughter here)


I want to know how this woman got an MBA. We are doomed.



Disintegration by the Cure.


Dies Irae.


The music's public domain, so she could probably pick up a decent recording for cheap.



"Disintegration by the Cure.”

Ooh, dark!

Maureen Lang


Good choice, although Jello Biafra would be even quicker to shout "cease & desist" than Petty.

My vote (& a wishful thinking one it is):

"How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away" by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks

Patrick Lang

The coven will gather on Farrell's Mountain in August to worship Stonewall. Can you make it? pat

Charles I

I heard on the radio Petty didn't even get asked, and is p.o'ed. When you are a Friend of Jesus, all of this shall be your domain. . . and you get to keep all your nutty/psychologically-challenged/squidgy bits guilt free, hell, awareness-free, because you are a True Believer.


Seems the Stauss-Kahn case is back in the news. Just who was behind that apparent set up and why? To sabotage the French presidential election, the IMF or French-US relations; or just plain greed?

SAC Brat

Missed it by that much...

Howabout "I'm An Old Cowhand" by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (or others). It fits in with the current trend of "All hat, no cattle."

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