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02 June 2011


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Prof. Kiracofe,

Talkin' 'bout the Chinese Art of War...

諸侯之地三屬,先至而得天下眾者,為衢地... 衢地則合交。

"Where ground is surrounded by others, and the first one to reach it will gain the support of the masses, this is called intersecting ground...On intersecting ground, form alliances."


Seems there ain't no ground that's not contested.

What next, the risin' BRICS competin' with the American Empire for LEO space or even the ocean floor (?) As if they haven't begun doin' so already. This does not bode well for the U.S. ...


“Therefore, subjugate the neighboring rulers with potential disadvantages, labor the neighboring rulers with constant matters, and have the neighboring rulers rush after advantages.”

As if the U.S. hasn't got enough to handle already, what with military occupation of irak & afghan region bleedin' the coffers dry, loss of economic prowess cum influence, instability of mena region, etc.




Can we arrest the entire company or just white-wash them for 10 cents on the dollar in fines?


William R. Cumming

Democratic countries will be the first to renounce nuclear power!


"About 320,000 American troops have sustained traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of them mild, according to a 2008 report by the RAND Corporation. The injuries are poorly understood, and sometimes produce lasting mental, physical and emotional problems.

“This sort of mild traumatic brain injury has been quite controversial,” said Dr. David L. Brody, an author of the new study and an assistant professor of neurology at Washington University in St. Louis. “Is it due to structural abnormalities in the brain, chemical dysregulation, psychological factors or all three? We show that at least in some there are structural abnormalities.” "


Will Hizballah remain silent this weekend if Israel opens fire on Palestinians at the border again?

What would any escalation mean for the Arab Spring and even for the Saudi counter revolution?

How will Egypt and the Egyptians react?

If Palestinians reach the border again this weekend, things have the potential to spiral quite quickly.


Amir Oren, a thoughtful Israeli journalist with Haaretz, concludes his May 31 article with a warning that that the possibility of an Israeli “surprise” against Iran is “especially great” this summer. The article is worth a read, not so much for his view of the U.S. changes ["Obama’s New Security Staff May Approve Attack on Iran"], as for his insight into what is going on, once again, in Israel. The concluding section:

“Therefore the changes in leadership at the Pentagon are not merely an American story. The chance that Dempsey, at the start of his term of office, would advise Obama to attack Iran, or to permit Israel to do so, is not high. The outgoing head, Mullen, is likewise not enthusiastic about that but his ties with the IDF's general staff are close and it can be assumed that, if Benny Gantz was persuaded to sign a plan by Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, Mullen would not be happy but would also not torpedo it.

“The conclusion is that between the end of June and Gates' retirement, and the end of September and Mullen's retirement, the danger that Netanyahu and Barak will aim at a surprise in Iran is especially great, especially since this would divert attention from the Palestinian issue. As the Supreme Court explained to Moshe Katsav's lawyers, some plans for summer vacations might be canceled.”


Also of note is that Meir Dagan, the recently retired Mossad Chief, on June 1 called on Netanyahu to definitively oppose a military strike on Iran. Jerusalem Post reported. “ In the latest in a series of public comments opposing military intervention against the Iranian program, Dagan said Wednesday that he did not want `a 1973 [Yom Kippur War] on my conscience.’ He warned that an attack on Iran would result in a regional war – not halt Iran’s nuclear program.”

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This sort of mild traumatic brain injury has been quite controversial,” said Dr. David L. Brody, an author of the new study and an assistant professor of neurology at Washington University in St. Louis. “Is it due to structural abnormalities in the brain, chemical dysregulation, psychological factors or all three? We show that at least in some there are structural abnormalities.

William R. Cumming

Arbogast! Any numbers on USA infliction of TBI to those USA has "helped"?


Arbogast, that's why Gates said health care costs are eatingup the dod budget. When cowards in congres get done cutting benefits to protect the billionaire tax cuts dod boondoggles will be safe for another term


I watched HBO’s “Too Big to Fail” last night, an excellent disaster movie. Except, we are still in the middle of the disaster and the millions of unemployed who are kicked out of their homes are nowhere to be seen.

Bush/Obama decided to save Wall Street elites and throw the rest of us underwater. Even more frightening are the crazy GOP Congressmen who know that cutting government spending will create jobs and their Democratic enablers. The exact opposite is reality. As the Federal Government stimulus programs wind down so does the American economy.

Michael Brenner

I have read of a running controversy, going back a few years, about the Pentagon's foot-dragging over financing a far more effective but more costly treatment program for PTSD. I do not recall all the particulars. But it appears to be well established by all objective medical authorities that the superior treatment porgram has marked better outcomes. The Pentagon has gone so far as to contract with dubious consultants, repeatedly, to cast this conclusion into doubt.

Senator Barack Obama was one of many convinced that the DOD was putting at risk the health and lives of injured veterans so as not to overrun its mounting health care budget. He publicly called on the DOD to remedy its ways. As Commande-in-Chief, he now has the authority to order that the necessary changes be made. He has not; he has been silent on the issue - as has everyone else in the administration.


Obama is a horrifying disappointment. I personally would impeach him quickly.



I agree on the disappointment but am not sure Biden would be any better.

MB, that would be one more example of Obama's vacillating on what should be a matter of principle.


arbogast-On what charges?

William R. Cumming

Jackie! Ordering drone strikes on nation-states that are in violation of International Law!

Impeachment does NOT mean automatic conviction.


WRC-OK, agree, those bother me alot, but I don't think Obama started them. He's just following in Bush's footsteps (now, there is a reason for impeachment). We really, as a country, need to have a discussion about the use of drones. I'm sure I wouldn't like "death from above".

William R. Cumming

Jackie! Actually drone strikes have increased under President Obama and my guess is that a green light was flashed by Eric Holder who IMO is a complete disaster as an AG!

He processed the Marc Rich Pardon over objections of many at DOJ when Deputy AG under Clinton! Many of the gifted DOJ lawyers that fought against UnConstitutional actions by Presidents going back to Nixon have long retired. Congress should hold post-employment hearings on certain DOJ positions. The notion that attorney client exists in the Executive Branch on anti-Constitutional actions is absolutely and entirely a wrong and inapplicable theory. Did you know that federal lawyers including those at those at DOJ are not subject to any federal rules of professional conduct but are resonsible only to their state bar sanctions and state bar associations rarely have a good grip on federal legal issues involving ethics and conflicts. A competent Judiciary Committee in both House and Senate would have,should have long addressed this problem. I could mount an argument that many DOJ lawyers having NO fear of state sanctions,including loss of liscense, conduct themselves unethically. Please refer to the movie Judgement at Nuremberg 1961!

bill roche

jackie: "we wouldn't like death from above" What do you think 911 was? What do you think strapping explosives on some demented, anonymous,22 year old zealot is? The idea of drones bothered me for a while also but i am at peace with it these days.
billy roche

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