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02 June 2011


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Prof. Kiracofe,

Talkin' 'bout the Chinese Art of War...

諸侯之地三屬,先至而得天下眾者,為衢地... 衢地則合交。

"Where ground is surrounded by others, and the first one to reach it will gain the support of the masses, this is called intersecting ground...On intersecting ground, form alliances."


Seems there ain't no ground that's not contested.

What next, the risin' BRICS competin' with the American Empire for LEO space or even the ocean floor (?) As if they haven't begun doin' so already. This does not bode well for the U.S. ...


“Therefore, subjugate the neighboring rulers with potential disadvantages, labor the neighboring rulers with constant matters, and have the neighboring rulers rush after advantages.”

As if the U.S. hasn't got enough to handle already, what with military occupation of irak & afghan region bleedin' the coffers dry, loss of economic prowess cum influence, instability of mena region, etc.

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