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06 June 2011


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I have always wondered this: in the past 50 years, who killed more Americans -- the PLO or the Israelis?

William R. Cumming

Does the USA haveany credibility with the Palestinians?

What is their exact population?

What is USA aslyum policy on Palestinians?



that one is easy, the Israelis have killed (murdered) more Americans than the Palestinians ever thought of. what is not ordinarily 'included' in the Israeli murdered Americans are the Beirut barracks bombing where the Israeli mossad intentionally withheld the critical intel of the impending truck bombing, the intel was withheld on the direct orders of the head of the mossad at the time. Israel's murder of the USS Liberty crew-members coupled with their murder of the u.s. military personnel in the Beirut barracks bombing, coupled with other Americans murdered by the idf etc. (don't forget their latest assassination their cold-blooded murder of a 19yr old American kid on the Gaza flotilla).


This force is heavily Druze. They are often used against Palestinian demonstrators since this Arabic speaking minority does not identify with the other Palestinians and does not hesitate to beat and shoot them. pl

Could it just possibly be, that your"Noble Palestians"would do the exact same thing to the Druze, if the shoe were on the other foot?

I imagine the Druze are fully cognizant of Palestinian feelings.

Patrick Lang


I never said the Palestinians were "noble." The Druze in geographi Palestine opted for full Israeli citizenship in 1948 as did the two villages of Chechens. They did that because they had been imported to the area by the Ottomans to use against the people we now call Palestinians and there has never been a friendly relationship among these groups. I will say again that I have no interest in any of thse groups including the Israeli Jews except as they affect the US. pl pl



Why should the US accept asylum for Palestinean refugees - from a land they lived in for centuries that has been taken over by Israel?

William R. Cumming

Fred! Good question! My question, however, dealt with US policy position not its merits!


I know a Palestinian in the US whose 13-year student visa has gone bad because she can't pay her school bills. She is from Haifa. So Israel has revoked her citizenship since she has been gone for 7 years and I guess she is stateless. I am curious as to where we would possibly deport her to?

bill roche

Pat: I know you spent some time in Turkey and have an cultural, military, and political interest in the entire middle east. Would you offer your opinion on Turkey's interests in the recent Syrian unrest. Thanks
Bill Roche

Patrick Lang

bill R.

IMO the Turks would like to see the present government replaced by a multi-party parliamentary form. The Assad governments have made a habit of causing trouble in Turkey by encouraging dissident Kurds. the Turks have long memories. Should the opportunity arise in a collapsed Syria for border "adjustments, that would be considered. pl


listen to what Assad has to say about his government & Syria
2006: http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/484


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