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09 June 2011


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I can of course think of other possibilities for making the summer of 2011 a long hot one. And in fact did so recently on one of my blogs.
This would result in much more than an Israeli/Iranian duel.
Relying only on personal knowledge of some of the efforts since 1979 of both Israel and Iran and their weaponary there is not a high likelyhood of success by the Israelis alone or even with US support of Israeli attacks and follow on by the US.
Speaking of nuclear issues the Japanese are seriously thinking of totally abandoning nuclear power by shutting down permanently all reactors (54 were in operation on March 11th) as soon as next April. Only the USA in its drive to proliferate nuclear power by selling reactors (which largely unknown as late as the 50's can lead to weapons development)has continued to protest that it is NOT the largest driver on Nuclear Proliferation (power and weapons) in the World. The last President to seriously oppose proliferation was Dwight David Eisenhower. And just a note many on Wall Street will not invest in heavily regulated industries which is one reason why nuclear power will not further expand in the USA. This has nothing to do with climate change and going green. Again for better or worse WALL STREET continues to make national policy and the banks control of a largely inept Federal Reserve continues to threaten the US performance in the 21st Century. Where is our leadership?

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