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22 June 2011


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I think this comment I made earlier remains relevant to our overall leadership problem, including the misguided belief in COIN:

We need intelligent, capable leaders able to effectively manage the civil-military equation with which we are perpetually confronted. I just came back from a conference in China in which I emphasized the crucial importance of the human factor in balancing the civil-military equation (basing decisions on wargaming the possible/probable positive/negative results and not necessarily on preconceived notions and desires). As I see it, we have reached a seriously dangerous crossroads in American history with an economic blunder attributable to both parties, a meaningless war in Iraq attributable to the Republican Party but also lacking intelligent opposition by the Democrats, and an essentially wasteful effort in Afghanistan due to a serious failure to stand up and admit the essential meaninglessness of floundering about in a bottomless pit of corruption that will never be resolved by outsiders like us. When will we learn? Looking back, failure to effectively war game the situation in Vietnam resulted in our involvement there as well. Come on! Where are leaders who really care about about America and who have the guts to speak up and attempt to act based on facts and realistic assessments rather than appearances (Red Menace, etc.)? And let us get Civics ( in the form of the civil-military balance of factors) included in or public education system. We cannot afford to continue in our current, ignorant direction! We have so-called civilian leaders who don't stand up to demand that our system be adhered to when making decisions, including demands to get valid intelligence directly from those designated to provide it, we have military yes-men who push flawed COIN concepts rather than stand up and say "Sir, I think we should not do this because..." and the list goes on. Wake up America!!!

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