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03 June 2011


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According to Ha'aretz,the following was attributed to Juppe:
"If no progress is made in the peace process by September, France would consider recognizing a Palestinian state, he said."
That is a bit more of a nuance than the LA Times reported

Roy G

What a huge, tragical farce. Isn't there something queer about forcing the Palestinians to negotiate with their invaders and captors? Wasn't the UN created for the purpose of mediating conflicts like this?

This is what the Zionists do best, play ratfuck games. Too bad they can't see or don't care that they are screwing the Jewish legacy, all for a pied a terre in East Jerusalem for any Jewish LA dentist or Russian immigrant who wants something for nothing. Masada did not end well either.


It's hard to believe that Sarko will support Palestinians with anything other than perfunctory lip service; he is the French equivalent of an Israel Firster, after all.

If that weren't enough the new hudna between Hamas and Fatah leads me to believe that there are a lot of 5th sons of 3rd wives of Hamas members who don't have Mercedes 500 Sls with tinted windows.

From the Palestinian point of view, I mean the people of Palestine, there is nothing to negotiate. Their 'leadership', G-d curse them, are negotiating for themselves and their kin, as usual.

Iid milaad sa'id, Col., btw.


How could this play out?

1. France and others recognize a Palestinian state.

2. The UN Sec. Council holds a vote to accept or deny access to the Pal State into the UN.

3. The US vetoes.

4. Pal state is not accepted into the UN but is acknowledged by lots of other countries?

William R. Cumming

If never again is Israeli policy define never again specifically please? Is it the
German Nation-state conducting ethnic cleansing of some group or some religion? If so it looks to me like the Germanic peoples are on there way to a post-nation state system likely only to be rivaled by the Han Chinese condominium! Both learned from Hitler,Stalin,and Mao how to control vastly dissimilar populations by utilizing the arsenal of a tightly controlled military and state security system. No need for direct military confrontation just control the elements of state power in such a way that outside organizations can NOT challenge that control. Germany will be the real test of democracy not the USA or Israel both of which are Spartas in their own way. No Athenians need apply!

Sam Will


Spot on, the 2 state solution is long dead on arrival since the Bulldozering of the Gaza airport by IDF. The only solution going forward is a one state democratic Palestine for both peoples.
all else is hogwash!

Cato the Censor

Many years ago, I read a column (I forget who wrote it)where the writer noted that the medieval kingdom of Jerusalem was supposed to last forever, but only endured less than a century. The writer then drew an analogy with Israel. This has haunted me for years. Given Israeli intransigence, I think this point is more valid than ever.

Patrick Lang


The KoJ held the city until 1187 but the kingdom then revived and lasted until 1292 or so. pl


There are people in France who take the plight of the Palestinians a hell of a lot more seriously than anyone in the US.

On the other hand, I was under the impression they had no political power.

I think, though I do not know, that the French Jewish population, the third highest in the world after the US and Israel, is kind of independent minded.

More anon.


I assume Strauss-Kahn is effectively out of the race in the French presidential elections? What is his (or his party's) position on Palestinian statehood and is it much different than Sarkozy's?


Col. Lang, here is the Emergency Committee for Israel's teevee ad...

ECI Thanks Israel's True Friends...


My apologies...



Congress and Israel? I'm shocked! Shocked! to find mostly prostitutes in this brothel.

One state solution is the only viable healthy solution. Full participation for one group v discrimination for another? This is the prescription for a secure state. When and where?


To me, it is not at all clear what will happen in the election.

What is true, is that the woman who beat Strauss-Kahn for the Socialist nomination last time, Segolene Royale, got down on her knees to the Israeli's when she had the chance.

France is just not the key player here. They opposed the war in Iraq and transformed French Fries in the House and Senate cafeterias into Freedom Fries. Not much.

bill roche

I am making an effort to keep my comments short and to the point. Most on this thread dont need a history lesson, so i'll simply ask a question: if the UN had the authority in 1948(?) to create the state of israel, why should it no longer have the authority to create a state of palestine? Jews support the actions of the un in israel's creation. they cant have it both ways. if the un could create for them than it can create for palestine
bill roche


A friend forwarded the petition by Rep. Bachmann asking Pres. Obama to stand by Israel. I think she's already started the fund-raising for her Presidential campaign.

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