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30 May 2011


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Another war we should have never gotten involved in that had absolutely nothing to do with our interests. Ok great so they finally got Ratko Mladic. What no mention about the convictions of Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac the Croatian Generals? I know it those bad, bad, terrible nasty rotten Serbs and their war crimes....

Peter Galbraith and Richard Holbrooke(RIP) were terrible envoys in this one sided affair. Lets not mention our former nemesis, UBL and Kosovo. Kosovo another one sided affair, thanks to former Congressman Joseph DioGuardi and his lobbying of his buddies on Capitol Hill.

Like I said another war of choice that we should have stayed away from and let the Europeans do their own dirty work.

Oh yeah, one guy they should bring to the Hague... Wes Clark... The Supreme Being... talking about bombing civilians....

What bullshit....

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