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26 May 2011


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William P. Fitzgerald III

Mr. Giraldi,

That was priceless. I believe you've outdone our worthy host in the matter of satire and beautifully captured the syntax and vocabulary of the King James Bible.

Would that the Obamaites could smite, both hip and thigh, the hosts of King Netanyahu.


Patrick Lang


You left out the Book of Mormon as inspiration as well as Tolkien.pl

Paul Escobar

Mr. Giraldi said: "The friends of Israel then rose up as one and with a mighty voice affirmed the wisdom of Lord Netanyahu."

During that speech to the American congress, Joe Biden began clapping when Netanyahu declared he would defy President Obama on the '67 borders.

It was shocking at first. But then I remembered Mr. Lang's anecdote about the Palestinian he introduced to Mr. Biden.

Have a feeling the VP's choice of light blue that day had nothing to do with party affiliation.

Charles I

And surely from The Apocrypha too!


"As ye sow, so shall ye reap" leaps to mind.



Bibi's actions show he thinks he's Divine in his own mind. Much to the determent of the world at large.

bill roche

I don't know of Mr. Giraldi but I happened to read Deuteronomy on this point a couple of nights ago. Gosh his take was funny and "right on". The basic question, I think, is what does Israel want? If it is a return to the "land of Canaan...the greater Israel of David's time, then peace cannot get Zionists there. I could get into a biblical historical discussion about this but Col. Lang chastened another poster about wordiness so I won't. I say simply that If that is Israel's object then the question for America is do we ally with Israel in her objective? Maybe we should maybe we should not.

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