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05 May 2011


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Mr. Armstrong,

Did you hear Trump is demanding to see the death certificate? “I mean, I’m glad the guy is dead, if he really is. But I’m just sayin’, if he’s dead there’s gotta be a death certificate. Why won’t they show it to us?”



I think Twit had it right, when the police act like an army, it's pretty had to maintain a democracy.


All this "coulda shoulda whoulda" is fun for the armchair generals

Is that really the way armchair generals should be used?

You've heard it all right. The concept embodied in the contemptuous usage is this: someone who wants intervention in, say, Iraq ought to be prepared to go and fight there. An occasional corollary is that those who have actually seen war are not so keen to urge it.


Thanks, TTG, for this:

There will be deliberate lies told to further any number of narratives.

That has been my hypothesis for a long time now. I simply couldn't believe that these silly details could have any other intention, or that there aren't better writers available in the US.


Wife gets shot in the leg, UBL in the head, twice.

Seems if you tell everybody he is dead would avoid avoid the situation Walrus raised in his third point.

Normally I'd say we don't need to show the pictures, but the number of times the story has changed and given the mismanagement of the information, I say show the effing body and get it over with.

L Ron Hubbard will tell you that you don't need a shrine to further your cause.


"Show us the body!" is a really bogus call. Body doubles are a dime a dozen & with a rear-entry head wound, it wouldn't be hard to gin up whatever you need. Ditto the DNA. I kinda figure we've got his finger tips squirreled away somewhere, but who know -- or even cares?
BTW -- anybody suggest yet that he chose the site of his "mansion" (a typical Paki cast-concrete monstrosity -- I've lived in 'em) so he could walk to the PMA, where he gave lectures?

B. D. Warbucks


Somewhat off topic, but still quite fun:

There is a new drink sensation sweeping the nation. It is called the Bourbon bin Laden.

Consists of two shots and a splash of water.

Ken Hoop

Osama, the Iraqi government maintains, got some revenge today, Sunni jihadists making a major hit on 21 cops and wounding many others. Meanwhile war hawks like Boehner are pleading to coerce, oops , pressure, Iraqs government to let us stay longer and the hawks are using the Osama hit to shift the public to a tone of optimistic -stay-the- intensified course in Afghanistan. Can Col Lang assure me any concerns in these directions are unwarranted?

Lord Curzon





You are absolutely right the job of the Army is to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

The Army is the instrument of the power of the State. The 21st century problem is the power of the State is withering with the rise of Multinational Corporations and the atomic bomb which takes the really big Army off the field of combat.

What happens is the US Army is tasked to do policing jobs in far away countries with no atomic bombs. Just doing their job, the Army kills enough inhabitants to keep the wars going on forever and the profits keep rolling in into the corporations' coffers.

The bin Laden Raid shows that the State if challenged and even if it takes a decade to do it still has the power to kill a rich opponent inside a country with Atomic Bombs.

Jim Ticehurst

Col. Lang...I agree with your Point..Since you have Been there and done that.. Seal team 10 and Lt. Mike Murphy were all wiped out because they let emotions get in the way and they hesitated to shoot which caused thier cover to be blown..they were surrounded by 2500 Talian shortly after that..

There were AK 47s near Bin laden and he moved toward THEM..One Last point..I think President Barack Obama should have offered to Privately show and 9/11 Family Members..Firefighters and Law Enforcement officers the Picture of Osama Bin Laden stone Cold DOA at Private meetings at ground Zero today if they wanted to see it for Closure.. I am very Proud of Our Special Ops guys..Clean Mission..Well Done..


The best way to silence the 'deathers' would be to premept prime time tv for a press conference started with a mandatory broadcast of a split screen video with a timer like Michael Moore used in Fahrenheit 911, only let it run all 7 minutes. The President could then come out and ask 'any questions, like the ones you should have asked that guy you just saw on tape who stayed on vacation after given that report titled 'bin Laden determined to strike inside the US'? No? Let me say for the final time: bin Laden is dead. Do not call me a liar again. This press conference is concluded.'

Then he should get the head of the IRS, SEC, OSHA and the rest of the alphabet of government agencies and have the enforce fully the laws and regulations affecting the company employing the first one of these blow hards to keep the rumor mill going.


If it bothers you that the dead in the compound in Abbotabad were unarmed, then next time send the NYPD.

You won't get an argument from me. How "armed" were the people who were in the twin towers?

OBL deserved exactly what he got, with the added benefit that he "knew what hit him." This is a pure "live by the sword, die by the sword" equation, with no "due process" required. I mean, the guy publicly took credit for the attacks. No need for "elaborate proofs" in a public trial on this one.

Allen Thomson

I wasn't going to comment on the flip side of the soldier - police duality, though thought of it immediately. But, as others have mentioned it, I'll say that the popularity of SWAT militarized police has worried me for a while.

A question for those of you who might know: Are SWAT personnel given briefings reminding them that they are police officers, not soldiers? And that that has real legal implications for what they're supposed to do and not do?

William R. Cumming

Any early thoughts on UBL's mark on history for USA and others and for Islam itself?

The best study of UBL I found before now was the LOOMING TOWERS but wonder what others think?
Surely many books now under pen may have substantial revisions to their last chapters or totally new ones.

Although I totally disagree with his purposes and methods I would argue UBL largely successful except in his vision to get the USA to withdraw from MENA! Was that his only vision?

Jim Ticehurst

Allen..I am a retired career Law Enforcement Officer..Having Been a patrol Officer..Detective and CSI Detective..I started in the 1960's. We only carried six shot revolvers and wore a basic uniform....and ALWAYS were Indoctrinated with the LEGAL Aspects of Our Job..DUE Process..and NEVER to shoot unless Legally Justified..In all my Years of taking down Armed Bad Guys..including Killers and bank Robbers I never shot anyone..I Never Maced anyone or even had a Taser..Why..because they all surrendered and No Gun ever moved in my direction..I never wanted to take any Action I could NOT justify..Now..todays Cop around here wears web gear..has several OFFICERS TO BACK HIM UP..Has High cap Weapons..Tasers etc..and far too many are shooting Citizens with no Justification like the Seattle PD Officer who recently shot a well known Native American Wood Carver on the streets of Seattle..for holding his carving knife without aggressive behaviour..some officers seem to be now looking for any excuse to shoot..I dont like the NEW militarized look or Attitude of to days American Policemen and Women..We are NOT Military..We have a LEGAL system and Due process..and Officers must be Reminded of that Constantly..It Takes Disclipline..Its hard..Its dangerous out there..many officers get killed..But Bottom Line is they are PUBLIC SERVANTS..in a Legal sytem..

Mark Logan


The chattering class knows that if they bait their stuff with something the partisans like, it gets distributed with great alacrity on the inter-tubes, and that translates into profits.

The NY Times best-seller list is depressingly dominated with shabby agitprop.


I think paramilitary police units like SWAT teams are very dangerous creations. These two functions IMO should be kept rigorously separated. pl

While not directly pertinent to the topic, I do think the Colonel is on to something important here. One of the more dangerous trends in American law enforcement in the last couple decades had been how militarized law enforcement has become and how so many people have come to regard it as natural, that cops have a right to act like soldiers in dealing with (accused) criminals.


the militarisation of law enforcement is indeed troubling. CATO had a good report on this.

The worst part is IMO the routinely heard argument by officials that emphasises force protection for cops when they shot someone. Personally, I think that for cops that is the wrong set of priorities. Imho citizen protection comes well before that.

Scenario: SWAT teams raid the wrong house, as happens every week, since SWAT teams are routinely used to execute search warrants, in so-called 'no knock raids' in the context of the war on drugs, and they kill the house owner who (quite reasonably) mistook them for burglars and approached them with a gun. Clearly, he had it coming.

The media is full with stuff like that.

What that exemplifies for me is an adversarial relationship towards the population at large, and that is IMO the most pernicious aspect of the militarisation of law enforcement in the US of them all.

The second most pernicious aspect is that since this is becoming routine people get used to it, and have started to accept statements along the lines that it was force protection concerns that compelled the police department to now routinely dispatch SWAT teams to address quarrels in primary school classrooms.


Colonel Lang,

I had a brief comment on the militarization of US law enforcement penned but then I read confusedponderer's note and he had said it already.I suspect the militarization problem will grow worse as new invasive technologies and murderous
mindsets "blowback" on us from the ironically named "war on terror" and the collapse of our warfare state empire.

USMC 1965-1972
FBI 1972-1996


in case you haven't seen this already:


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