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10 May 2011


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Nancy K

Col Lang,
Congratulations. SST is very much appreciated. It is my go to place to find out what is really happening. Thank you.




The Lang/Biden plan for 10,000 Special Ops troopers fighting the Afghan War is gaining traction.

Like “Peace with Honor”, the drawdown of regular forces in Afghanistan will allow the sitting President to appear to be ending the war without the fallout from a battlefield defeat before the 2012 election.

After the election, the Defense Contractors will assure that the COIN operations in Northern Mexico will commence in earnest to pacify the drug gangs.


Quality rules!


Congratulations. Looks like the desire for learning and a real interchange of ideas has traction. (Maybe our politician's will figure that one out)


Congratulations! It is a very good and informative site.

John Kirkman

Thank you.

Retired (once-Serving)Patriot

Bravo Zulu! And with great thanks.



Your prediction might come true sooner than we would wish. There is a great outcry against the use of the Mexican military in a counter drug role--violence against innocent citizens, alleged theft on a massive scale, all the downsides of using combat troops in a civil police role--but at the same time the cartels are fielding IED's, RPG's and recently even a homemade Armored Personnel Carrier.

If the Mexican military stands down, who will wish to rush in to fill the vacuum?

Charles I

Congratulations and many many thanks for your expertise, patience and hospitality.

Basilisk, the Mexican Army will not be standing down completely as it has now been fully integrated into the trade in drugs and assassins, just as government has been folded into corporate kleptocracy.

William R. Cumming

Many many thanks for the blog!

The beaver

Congratulations Colonel and a very big THANK YOU

The Twisted Genius

Congratulations, Colonel Lang. You have built something of great quality and value. I appreciate your creation very much. You are indeed a skilled craftsman.

David J

Congratulations. This southern redneck first started reading Sic Semper Tyrannis when Phil Carter from the defunct Intel Dump blog linked to a post. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for all the posts and comments over the years.


Congratulations Mr.Lang, and indeed, thank you.


The 2nd American Revolution starts tomorrow here in Exeter, may God be with us.


I also first came due to a Phil Carter link.

Thanks much.

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