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21 May 2011


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William R. Cumming

Any documentation to MSM claim that Jewish domestic organizations and individuals constitute 65% of all Democratic party donations for major offices?

Roy G

Mr. Lifton, a couple of questions for you:

"I also stated that the Palestinian approach to the UN to recognize a Palestinian state, given the Palestinian’s need for power, water and other services controlled by Israel, can only result in a state that will have difficulty attaining viability in the face of Israeli antagonism."

Please explain how this, and other actions by Israel do not constitute an ongoing delegitimization of the Palestinians? Also, is Israel prepared to recognize Palestine as a Muslim state?

Your admission that the UN can't impose a solution because Israel controls natural resources is a tacit admission that the state of Israel will continue to violate international law with impunity if it doesn't get its way. Why is Israel afraid of the UN, and the world, recognizing Palestine? Why is the only option for the Palestinians to negotiate with their own captors?

This is where your tautology breaks down. Things will change, but it won't be Israel and the US in the drivers seat. The 'road map' was already a blatant sellout to the Likudniks, and the Palestine Papers already proved that Obama uttered a large falsehood in his speech when he claimed it was the Palestinians who walked away from the negotiations.

Finally, I'm curious about your coy assertion that 'Dennis Ross who advocated a less specific approach.' Really? Please tell us more!


The claim that the Palestinians have not achieved a state because of a failure to negotiate seriously was refuted by the Palestine Papers.

Israel will not free the Palestinians until they are forced to free them. Boycott, divest, and sanction.


@ WRC -
An additional question to ask would be, "Of the 'Jewish domestic organizations and individuals' who are donating to the Democratic Party, what fraction also blindly support Bibi and his fringe?" I would expect that many (most?) of the domestic contributors who happen to be Jewish are first-and-foremost American.

William R. Cumming

There are almost no enforcement tools available to determine whether USA grants or loans to foreign nation-states are returned to the USA to influence domestic elections.

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