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31 May 2011


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Hank Foresman

Pat, I am shocked, that you would expect the President, or a potential President to know any history; what they must act in the present and not be bound by the events of the past. (This is snarky I realize but as one with an BA and MA and who has completed my course work for a Ph.D. I am constantly astounded by the ignorance of our politicians.)


Palin... Scary....

Robert C.



Bachmann... Palin... Scarier still.

R Whitman

She has to run for President. Think of the hours of entertainment we will get from Leno, Letterman, Stewart and Fey.



I clicked on that happy snap of the infamoso frau Palin, watching as it almost covered the entire screen.

There ain't no one home!

Medicine Man

Happy Birthday, Colonel.


You needed a little humor on your birthday. Maybe she'll manage to see the USS Olympia while in Philly, though I doubt she'll know what war, much less what battle, she fought in or the long term results of either the battle or the war.

Phil Giraldi

fasteddiez - She really does look stupid, doesn't she? But she has good teeth. If she were a horse I would buy her.


I agree with the opinion that Palin is unfit to be president. I think she is a selfish, money grubbing, narcissistic bimbo. I apologize to any women who may be offended by the term but look it up; it is used accurately – “a woman who is physically attractive but has low intelligence”. Actually I would think feminists should be the most offended by having such an incompetent woman even considered for high office when there are so many other qualified deserving women out there on both sides of the aisle.

Fortunately, for the country, I believe Palin will only run for President if she is sure she can lose while maintaining her high profile, speaking fees and book royalties (ghost written of course). She obviously does not have the skill or desire to do what it takes to actually govern.

From her point of view, I think the worst thing we all could do is ignore her.



The hoi polloi are being shafted by the elites and their pundits on both sides of the Atlantic. Since government doesn’t give a damn for them or their crappy lives, they will vote for the telegenic purveyor of their basic belief system who makes them feel better.

In 2012 who will you vote for? Wall Street’s Man or the Woman from Wasilla.

Corporate media moguls are out to get her. Perhaps she is milking her 15 minutes of fame in order to retire to Scottsdale. But, if there is a new American Revolution brewing, Sarah could ride it to the White House which none of the other Candidates are capable of doing. Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are the antithesis of revolutionaries; as is Barack Obama, who continues the Long War and the neo-liberal economic policies.


You going to ask the same questions of our current occupant of the White House?


What's worse: Palin's bus tour or that delusional old idiot John McCain saying: "Sarah Palin Can Beat Obama In 2012"?

See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/29/john-mccain-sarah-palin-c_n_868562.html.

It shames me that I actually respected McCain at one time, but that was before I learned more about him. OTOH, I sensed that Palin was dreck almost instantly, as in the moment I first heard her try to express a thought in the English language.


A bimbo? No, Sarah is smart enough to know when to stay on the gravy train. If Alaska hadn't had a 5 way race for Governor way back when she'd be an unkown ex-mayor with teen mom for a daughter. Now she's a millionaire celebrity who's daughter won't have to actually work for a living for a few more years. God help her when she does have to. However that still doesn't make her qualified to be President.


...of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

American businessmen squeezing profits out of Chinese slave labor have forgotten that phrase.

Maybe we will have a President who remembers it. The current edition certainly doesn't.

Sarah? Ask yourself why John McCain picked her... and why he curses himself every day for doing it.


Borrowing an experience from AUstralian political history, who are the "faceless men" who will control Palin if she was elected President?


Palin is a master of dog whistle politics. She has more than enough supporters to make her rich--but not nearly enough to make her president.


Colin, nobody would deny that there are women who are pretty and stupid. The reason 'bimbo' offends is because it is part of a long history of finding cute ways to call a woman dumb and the denigration of women's mental capacities generally. I can tell that you meant no harm and don't mean to jump on you, I'm just explaining why it's offensive no matter how you use it.

Anyway, Palin's ignorant, not dumb, which hardly makes her unique in our political culture.


I think it would be a good idea to have a test on the constitution, the debates that led to the constitution and world history as the entry criteria for all elected officials and political appointees. I realize we may not get very far and the current crop will be put out to pasture.

In my opinion, anyone that under-estimates Palin's political ability does so at their peril. I will not be surprised in the least bit if she wins the Republican nomination. She has an almost religious appeal to the most fervent and voting Republican partisan. She will be running against the Karl Rove wing of the Republican establishment giving her a lot of freedom to take anti-intellectual populist positions. She will likely use her weakness on policy as a badge of honor. And as a candidate from Murdoch she has a lot of backing.


This is a win-win campaign for her. Even if she does not win the nomination she would get significant "free" media exposure on a relative basis and that would further bolster her earnings.

P.S: As a registered independent I have no dog in the nomination fight.

William R. Cumming

Let her memorize President Lincoln's very short address at that Battlefield!


عيد ميلاد سعيد

Patrick Lang


ashkurak kathir. pl


Colin-No need to apologize to this woman. I think your description of Palin about sums her up.


happy birthday mon colonel.

Palin is very intelligent b/ she chooses to ignore what she chooses. As has been remarked here, she is a mistress of dog whistle politics. Bust so what, remember Romney's remark about Obama throwing Israel "under the bus" re 1967 lines as a negotiation starting point. the politicos are all whores.

As a candidate for city council, i caught myself promising undeliverables. My advice to novices was to shut up & to listen to what the voter had to say.


I suppose all you superior beings are equally in love with the impressive resume of the current narcissistic empty suit in the White House.
What better preparation for POTUS than community organizer and Ill. state senator?
A real over-achiever, your boy.

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