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22 May 2011


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Stanley Henning & FB

These maybe couple examples.



And Nusrat


richard Cardulla

Isreal's postion and attack on Obama's speech was to cover the fact that they had written it and also to place them in a position to play the victim and demand more. The weaker Obama is made regarding 2012, the more Isreal can demand The standing ovations and total agreement in congress of Netanyahu's address to them is only equaled in Stalin's USSR, Hilter's Germany and more recently in Assad's Syria; and all for the same reason, FEAR. Watch the faces of the congressmen as the clap, and see their attempt to not be caught seated if the command is given to stand and applaud. Poor b.....ds, they really want to keep their job and postion, even if they haave to betray their country. In the past unconditional support for Isreal did not affect the US greatly, but now it's affect is costly in both blood and money.

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