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10 May 2011


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Col. Lang,

While I'm sure the quality of your writing will result in numerous offers from the sort of organizations you mentioned, you might also want to consider Google's advertising programs. They're very easy to set up, unobtrusive, and (I think -- this isn't really my field) fairly remunerative for sufficiently popular sites.

Just a thought. Either way, best of luck, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.



Yeah, Pete is right. I'm in for another pittance. I hope you get some big sponsors.


If you want to go down the advertisement route, you basically need to set up another column for ads. Look at how blackfive.net does it. Some advertising options are:
1.) blogads.com
Most political bloggers use this. Take a look at what your peers are earning by searching for politics or military in their price list ->

2.) google ads. Adsense is the banners ads. Adwords are the text ads.


Any interest in an underwriter from one of the Gulf Countries?


Col. Lang,

Like the others, I have also added a small donation so that you can keep up the great work. In addition, my offer of free beers at the Bling Tiger Ale House still stands the next time you are in New York City.



Google AdWords is your solution. Not sure what you get for every 1,000 impressions, but even if it's $3, that would be 6,000 x $3 = $18,000 for the impressions to date.

If you setup AdWords, advertisers can go into google and specifically make their own ads to feature on your site as well.

Charles I

Well since I'm piggybacking on neighbour's turbostick up here, and can't seem to stay away, let's hope some big dough rolls in!

Usual pittance enclosed, sans usual inane token of affection.

Medicine Man

There is no substitute for a voice of experience, speaking with candor and honesty.

Sending out some of my dirty Canuck money too.

Annie Burns

Have you tried looking for grant funding? Foundation Center has good resources, including:
....which you needn't subscribe to. There will surely be a library near you with a subscription. Check FC.org for participating libraries.

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