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24 May 2011


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Long overdue: "If anyone had any doubts about whether the Palestinians would declare a state in September, they can't have them now."



Hilarious. Without humor, we would go insane.


We've hitched our wagon to a dying star.

Charles I

Dan, thanks, I did not notice that vry apropos slip, I was so gobsmacked with her demanour and body language.


Neil Postman, eat your heart out. So strange to see a tv-event totaly disconnected from reality. It reminded me most of all about the old Soviet Union, where the ship was going down in flames while the speeches were triumphant. And all dissenters got touched out of the photos post-facto.

Its the rule of the men with sunglasses, who think you can kill your way out of anything. Whoopdedo, Im buying a cottage in the mountains.



"a cottage in the mountains?"

I always read you as one who would stand and fight.

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