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29 May 2011


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Roy G

Of course he's shocked - a member of the global elite may actually be held (semi?) accountable for his actions. Remember that the Villagers are used to seeing third world kleptocrats jet off into the sunset and take asylum in some well-paid country.

And he seems to be putting the onus on the people. They should be mad and even vengeful, that's what mobs are, and it's ok, as long as they are held out from taking the law into their own hands.

Frankly, his tut-tutting seems to be about forestalling such an occurrence domestically. I think a lot more people would 'go Egyptian' if the true extent of criminality by some elements of our government, and their beggars and hangers on were made known.

Speaking of which, I hope there is a new Oil thread soon, in light of the recent Wikileaks discovery about the role of speculators in creating the oil bubble - something to think about as you fill their pockets with $4/gallon gas this weekend:



Thanks for linking to the humor section of the Wapo, I thought they got rid of the comics. This was especially fun:

"It’s nice to see Egyptians lining up at newspaper kiosks (to buy real newspapers, as opposed to canned official lies), ..." So no Wapo in Cairo? Shocking! I wonder which 5 star hotel he stayed at in his all expense paid vacation?
I'm still waiting for him to address some fo the domestic need for "...accountability for the crimes of the past, which is healthy,..."

I'm sure he's just waiting for Obama to be out of office, since he called for none from his predecessor.


The wiff of revenge... Lol, this from a citizen of a country that practices deathpenalty and three-strikes and out policies. The man gave orders to fire on his own people. He should be treated just like Saddam, no matter how many western chums he had while in power.

Wich really cuts to the heart of the matter, dosnt it? Whathappens when the men in sunglasses are no longer above the law? Its any aparatchnik or operatives nightmare.


I'm opposed to the death penalty so I don't want to see anyone executed. But I do want a public trial to account for every last act of corruption, every dollar stolen every individual wrongly imprisoned, or even tortured and or killed before or during the revolution. It needs to be in the public record and every future leader of Egypt must know he is under the law.

And yes, I understand corruption is the nature of 3rd world governments (as well as 1st world governments. They just find a way to make it appear legal) But that doesn't mean we have to accept it passively.

P.S. I'm divided about leniency if he can help get back the money he stole. On the one hand, Egypt can use every dime it can get. On the other, if he really stole that much, F$%# 'em.


Fnord is saying that people are the same.

I happen to agree and I take as my evidence:


easily the most interesting place I have ever visited.

Humans are a particularly nasty, particularly successful species of monkeys who do not behave as well as many, if not most other species.

This is not an academic opinion. One may, in fact, call it a deranged opinion, but I strongly recommend Monkey Valley.

It's monkeys looking at monkeys (most roam free), and you quickly understand which ones you like.

I went to my cousins' first communion today. I was struck that the symbol of the Catholic church is a man being tortured to death. I'm not sure I've gotten old enough to feel comfortable with that.


It's not supposed to make you feel comfortable. It's supposed to make you feel empathy for your fellow man and God suffers when man suffers.


I need to say I am not a Christian and have no idea what the crucifix means in the Catholic sense. Their reverence of Mary does appeal to my Taoist inclinations and adds balance the religion, more so than the Pesbyterian Church I was raised in. Just my not deeply religious opinion.

Dustin Langan


Thank you for that link. I only live a few hundred kilometres from Monkey Valley and will definitely visit.

William R. Cumming

How large is the Christian community in Egypt?


Is this going to come back and bite us in the ass...Big time...



"I'm not sure I've gotten old enough to feel comfortable with that."

Isiah 53:5 "But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed".

That is one crucifixion we should not just be comfortable with, but very thankful for...

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