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23 May 2011


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Col Lang,

No offense intended.
I surmised you did not intend to have that connection made to Obama’s remarks. IMHO - Both comments were accurate though ad hominem references that could be interpreted by some to be politically incorrect. Both comments were also directed at the same general section of the political spectrum. I suspect that Palinistas and other right wingnuts would be no more pleased at being called “resentful, ignorant people” than conservatives appreciated Obama’s comments about being bitter.
On the other hand, Obama’s comment lumped gun owners, religious conservatives and rural Pennsylvanians into a category that many of them do not belong. Your comment DOES apply to everyone and anyone who would actually vote for Palin or Bachmann for President.
As you are not running for President, you are able to speak your mind and the truth as you see it.
Keep up the good work.

William R. Cumming

Perhaps time for a bipartisan unity ticket as the USA faces crisis between now and the 2016 elections?

Chuck Hagel as VP for Obama? Senator Lugar? William Cohen or Others?

Indy Ike

"Don't vote, it just encourages them."

Mr. Brenner, you are right, it will "make no discernible impact on public life". They don't give a damn about that. They regard non-voters as just a bunch of thumb suckers sitting out on the curb while they party on inside the house. Suits 'em fine.

I disagree as to method. I have always said that all of the people who do not vote should instead vote for alternative candidates. If that could trend so as to knock even a few demreps out of office and result in close races for some, I believe that they would get the point and it would make some difference.


Newt gets shot down for actually saying something reasonable. Social engineering is the prefered tactic of the Left and Right. Paul Ryan's Medicare reform bill is a power grab by the health care industry.

William R. Cumming

Zanzibar! WAPO reported that 57% of all eligible white voters nationwide voted for McCain/Palin. The difference was the black vote which ususally consists of 4-7% of eligible black voters turning out. In 2008 over 16% of eligible black voters turned out and over 90% voted for President Obama. I live in a largely black area--the Northern Neck of VA-Northumberland County. Blacks who I ask tell me that they voted for Obama as did I. They also state that he made history by winning and now just want him to survive and get out and therefore since neither the DEMS nor
Republicans really care about black issues they do not intend to vote in 2012 as they did not vote in 2010. The result if that happens is that Virginia and N.Carolina will probably end up as RED states as they usually are in fact. That combined with reapportionment means that the President will have difficulty overcoming the realignment caused by the reapportionment based on the census. The result--loss for the DEMS probably. Blacks as discussed and Hispanics are Obama's only hope and unless there is comprehensive immigration reform Obama probably does not get what he needs in the Hispanic vote. The ultimate problem is turnout and turnoff from both DEMS and Republicans means that low turnout in 2012 probably the deciding factor. Could be wrong as always of course. DEMS congratulated each other when Ronald Reagan was the Republican nominee because he could not possible win! The rest is history.



You are right. VA and NC will likely return to it's traditional red state status in 2012. Obama benefited from an unusual turnout in the youth vote. They are not going to be as fired up in my opinion as they too are likely going to be rather cynical after all that hope and change stuff coming to naught. The blacks and hispanics will also likely return to their more traditional vote percentages. So, we may witness once again the election decided by a few swing states. I think it will all come down to Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

But...after reading about our history in the late 19th century I believe we are not witnessing anything unusual. Corruption and partisanship seems part of our national character, at least from time to time. I would highly recommend Jim Grant's biography of Thomas Reed.


Quite a number of posters have commented that they and/or others voted for Obama thinking they would get something other than what they got. MB what was it that you saw that led you to not vote? VV what do you think you should have seen in retrospect and why do you think you missed it?



I got basically what I expected for my vote: No Spring War of 2009 with Iran and Usama Bin Laden front and center at the Heavenly Tribunal.

I would have liked a bodyslam on the fraudulent Bankers (though still possible: how long does it take to build a Federal case? surprise for 2012?) and some verbal fistcuffs with the lying sacks of ... punditry.

Phil Cattar

William Cumming,I could not agree with you more on your analysis of black voting in Va. and NC.I have thought the same thing for quite a while.You can throw Fl,In,and Oh in that mix also.Gary In.pushed the state into Obama's column.Through the accidents of life I have spent a lot of time dealing with southern blacks.The intensity factor of voting for Obama for a second term will not be there.There are two other factors that could hurt the black/hispanic turnout in some states.New laws have been passed ,such as having a valid id card etc.that will hinder the minority turnout and the economy.IF the economy is not improving as election day approaches I can see some blacks just not going to vote.On the other hand IF the economy is improving...............A lot depends on who the Repubs pick .Also Obama is working hard to pick up more of the youth and female vote.This might trump his loss of some of the minority vote.BTW one reason Jeb Bush will not run is he does not want his family under the microscope .We are truly turning into a infantile society and chasing away many potential good leaders.

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