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15 May 2011


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Moussa may be an Arab nationalist, but as a living political project Arab nationalism is long dead.

I agree that Israel has much to fret about; the political and economic energy necessary to maintain it is unsustainable. Any political consciousness on the part of Egyptians, or anyone else, is bound to cause rethinking about relations with Israel.

But apart from our suicide pact with Israel I don't quite see how Moussa's election can cause trouble for us. Previously, Arab nationalists made use of the Cold War to play us off the Soviets. Who would they turn to now?

Can there be an Egyptian natonalism that is not pan-Arab?

Robert C.

Should I distrust him more than AIPAC or Netanyahu?
Hopefully he will show his intentions more openly than AIPAC and Netanyahu.

Robert C.

William R. Cumming

Could someone give a brief history of the ARAB LEAGUE?

Does this go back to Nasser?


Col: Sometimes "new journeys" are good things.

For example, I would like to see the US shake off a number of historical alliances. The Israeli connection is obviously toxic. The British "special relationship" is increasingly a fantasy, if for no other reason than that the British keep cutting their military.

Without these "entanglements" we can focus on fixing the Great Republic. And that will be a full-time job.


In my opinion, the most important question for Egypt is how Amre Moussa (assuming he wins) feels about peaceful, democratic transfer of power. Will he leave office in due time, or will he try to hang on? Any idea?

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