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17 April 2011


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The Twisted Genius

You certainly had beautiful weather for the festival. I remember you told us about that gentleman with the hand carved birdhouses lat year. Does he have a website, email or any other venue for purchasing his birdhouses?

R Whitman

Are your novels available for my new Kindle??

Patrick Lang


Yes. Amazon has the Kindle edition of both. pl

Patrick Lang


I remember that RPI is the second oldest engineering college in the US. VMI is the third oldest.

In re the birdhouse maker, he doesn't have any of that. I am going to find out if he has an e-mail address that I could post. pl

The Twisted Genius

Colonel Lang,

Some of RPI's greatest gifts to the world were the Ferris wheel and the Brooklyn Bridge. I was no more than a mediocre student of anthropology, but I could work a slipstick to five decimal places and understand the math behind this hockey cheer:

e to the x, dy/dx, e to the x, dx. secant, cosine, tangent, sine, 3.14159, square root, cube root, log of pi, disintegrate them RPI!

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