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06 April 2011


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I LOOOVE SST, but this man needs to be the chief movie critic of NYT, or WaPo, or LAT, or msybe just all of them. More Farrell!

Patrick Lang


Hey! I thought you knew Alan. He's your kind of guy. One of my old pals. Lives on a mountainside in rural Rockbridge County in a "team house" he built hisself, has a shooting range in the back yard. puffessor of French literature at my alma mater.

William R. Cumming

TERRRIIFICC! Sounds like a must see no thinker!

João Carlos


IMHO, "Sucker Punch" is lose time and money. At middle I was thinking "what **** I am doing here watching this?"

By the way, can you make a review of "World Invasion: Battle LA". I liked that one.

And why now we have so many movies about alien invasion? I just saw a HBO series about it will come at june. The "collective mind" is trying say something?

João Carlos


framboiseries, just the thing to ask about when I'm in Paris next month.

 Charles I

Too bad its so crappy, you had me at crevasse seeking spandex. If Joao Carlos made it to the middle before thinking bet I can make it to the end without looking away, gummi bears be damned. HD big screen tv is definitely not wasted on crevassey youth, though I sense impending geezerdom may be . . .

 Charles I

ok, seriously, re the numbing down of america, sex sells and quells. . .


PL, Haven't had the pleasure, but I am a great admirer of his work. It's easy to recognize a gentleman and a scholar.

Crevasse-seeking spandex indeed.

William R. Cumming

Fred! I believe they can be found in Patisseries!

Medicine Man

—I speak as one having daily commerce with adolescents, not to mention the 50-some years I spent as an adolescent—

^^^ Ranks as one of the best lines I've read in a movie review for a long time.


I actually rather enjoyed Suckerpunch. Granted, I went in with low expectations and am rarely accused of having taste. That said, I was looking for a spectacle; got that. The visuals reminded me of something out of Heavy Metal magazine. I liked the concept of a story told by an unreliable narrator. 90% of the film was depicting fantasy the main character had retreated into to cope with her impending destruction. Interesting. I think Snyder was going for some kind of "meta"-story, where the shallow simplicity of the fantasy sequences are meant to represent something going on in the heroine's head. I'm only speculating though.

The narrative of the movie was muddy. I heard people leaving the theatre confused about what actually happened. I've also read a few critics who didn't figure out that the bordello plot was also fantasy, albeit less obvious than the burlesque guns n'swords segments.

Anyhow, thanks for the review, Mr. Farrell. About an hour or two after seeing this thing, I wondered fleetingly what "the bloke from SST" would make of this flick. Question answered.


Sounds like a dog's breakfast with cleavage. Count me out.


I doubt very much if Snyder picking up a decent writer would help him. I know this may seem like damning with faint praise, but "Watchmen" is still the best written comic I've ever read. I saw Snyder's version and it was odd, he had seemingly taken the comic as a storyboard, but had stripped out a lot of rather vital structural elements then larded it over with a 'I will tell you exactly how you should be feeling at every moment' soundtrack. I doubt he'd be able to show greater restraint adapting a written script.



Somehow I think patisseries are detrimental to crevasse-seeking spandex, so don't kill my fantasy before I even get through customs!

anna missed

"Carla Gugino (putting up a good fight at 40-something I’m guessing and not to be forgotten for her stark naked walk-on in Sin City, "

Yeah! best boob drive by in cinematic history.

Funny, what sort of details a guy remembers.

Robert Murray

"In Snyder’s defense, be it noted, he troubles us with neither dialogue nor story. Small blessing."
Ha, ha!

Thank you Col. Lang for posting Professor/Command Sergeant Major/Brig.General Farrell's terrific review. I'll definitely have to see it now.

William R. Cumming

The English novel and film heroine Modesty Blaise had a special technique to freeze her opponents (male) in place to give her an advantage when outnumbered. Are there female SOFs? Only GI JANE?


The crevasse that launched a thousand heat-seeking missiles.

William P. Fitzgerald III

Alan Farrell,

Thanks for the review. I think I'll avoid that one. One of the little rewards in my life is the discovery of good but little known movies and, on that subject, watched "City Island" last night. I recommend it highly. Also "In Bruges" remains one of my favorites of the last 10 years. Thanks for the review on that one.


William R. Cumming

But FRED! Patisseries are often found covered in spandex. Will say no more on this blog on this subject!

Medicine Man

Oh, In Bruges, good flick. Oddly I find I enjoy Brendan Gleeson in most things I see him in.


Sir, another great review!

Unfortunately, not even "...the bee-sting lips stuffed into the crevasse-seeking spandex outfit" were enough to keep me awake through this movie.

Only good point, my brother's University distributed free movie passes the students and I didn't have to pay for this one.

Could not respect myself in the morning, had I paid to see this movie that made me wish the first lines I heard were, " Call me Ishmael..."

numb to the literary heritage left us by the best spirits of the past.

This high-tech limbic didding infantilizes and SUBjectifies young men. Maybe the stigma of passivity would inspire them to resist. Consumers are featherless bipeds who not only consent, -- they PAY to be gavaged with cack.

Need names for the new media muses PLUS aliases for Luxuria, Superbia, and Avaritia in muse drag.

I am optimistic. "The best spirits" ping the innominate system. Different pathway. The peddlers of facile, fake, & nasty don't know it exists. The number of assaults with the word "inspirational" hints at pent-up demand.

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