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09 April 2011


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I don't have standing to comment on this, but...

I think the golden egg-to-goose poop ratio of the posts is remarkably high. When not so, how hard is it to scroll?

William R. Cumming

The Five paragraph field order?


Not fifteen words?


15 lines in the comment box or 15 lines on preview?




I hope that I can use this post for a question that has confused me and maybe someone can give a answer or educated guess. I read recently that Brazil and France had signed a arms deal that included 5 submerines(4 conventional an 1 nuclear).I researched and saw the deal was first signed Dec. 2008 but there must had been some changes.I know Brazil has the old French Foch aircraft carrier that I can not see they have any use for but I really can not understand why they think that they must have/need 5 submarines.I've thought about it and cannot see any uses for defense or offense. Any thoughts?


I forgot to say 'Boys and Toys I guess' or wanting to look like a equal member of BRIC.

different clue

Haikus and koans.

Write a page in fifteen lines.

It is hard to do.



Patrick Lang


Try one for us. It will entertain. pl


so... twitter for thinkers?

john f



That's too long.


An ambiguity or complexity that can be reduced to 15 lines is neither. Our current predicament is both.


would you be willing to exclude your main authors? No problem for nitwits like me.

15 words

What about people that contribute information from the ground?

9 words
5 preview lines

William R. Cumming

RLKirtley! Brazil is a very dynamic country but the toils and turmoils of hosting Olympics and World Cups may reveal some of its basic problems. LULU was an amazing President. Over 1 M youth with no parents live on the streets of Rio and Sao Paolo. Explosive tinder abounds for the polity of Brazil.

William R. Cumming

Okay PL an inadquate attempt but here goes:
1. Background!
2. New Information!
3. Discussion!
4. Conclusions!
5. Predictions!

Any or all can be ignored but perhaps the headings might be of help.

William R. Cumming

The Background and New Information could be satisfied perhaps by a good link for readers!

Patrick Lang


Verbosity is not clarity. Anything worth saying should be capable of expression on a single page. Let the writers take heed of Lincoln as an author. As a compromise, I will look at each "comment" as opposed to "post," and make an individual judgment that weill have nothing to do with consistency. pl

Nancy K

I applaud your decision, some of the posts have been so long that I forget what I am reading. If it can't be said in 15 lines, maybe it shouldn't be.


Je n'ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n'ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.


Better clarify which is post and which is comment. Is this a comment? Guess so, it says Post a Comment at the top.

I am being a pain in the ass about this because I value the generosity of your contributors. Refining takes time. Demanding ultra-high-density text from them is likely to result in a net loss of content.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

Scrolling is not that freaking arduous.

Patrick Lang


I was clear. The articles on the front page are "posts." i don't want tp have to read multi page comments on those posts. pl

B. D. Warbucks

So it is written. So it shall be.

Russ Wagenfeld

Good rule. it will focus the comments

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