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27 April 2011


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And good riddance too.
For all the billions $$$ spent on “intelligence” it is obvious we have very little, and history writ by “surprise!!” is fraught with death to fools, which, it would seem, is us. I’m in favor of a “time out” and let’s watch the game for a while since we obviously do not know the rules. Soon, perhaps, the truth will out, even to Congress. (Doubtful, I know, but hope rests eternal etc.)
Oh, and we might send a few to language school, preferably in, say, China and other places that might prove interesting. Culture 101 in places where English will not get you breakfast should be noted in the preface to course literature.
Now if someone will suggest to the Pentagon that streets clogged with foreign soldiers is perhaps not an opening gambit known for success in public relations.
But it is perhaps futile given the solid bone from ear to ear required for public officeholders, but as a taxpayer I would appreciate an audit.

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