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19 April 2011


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Excellent news, thanks for posting this.

Charles I

J your karma is showing. Congrats on raising such good sons.

William R. Cumming

Terrific news and yes J you are lucky. Now for the 500K homeless in Japan and the 1M homeless in Haiti.

We do live in a rich country comparatively at least.


Wonderful news.


J, Glad to hear the good news about the house. You also added to the uptick in the housing market. But most of all I congratulate you and your wife on raising such fine sons.


Great news, great news!

Mark Logan

The one good thing about a recession, all the subs are crouched and ready to pounce!

Great news.

different clue

If you are living in a periodic wildfire area, are there ways to make the house fire-resistant or fire-tolerant, and to create a fire-retardant yard and grounds landscape if the yard is big enough?

Permaculture founder Bill Mollison wrote an article about fire-retardant landscaping for Australia where brushfires get very hot.

I read somewhere that fast-moving very hot fires can start housefires by virtue of the infra-red heatray blast from the fire-front heat-blast exploding the glass from the windows . . and then the infra-red heatray blast flash-ignites the house interior surfaces. That article suggested putting a shiny metal-coated window sized panel up outside each window (if time permits) so
the infra-red heatray blast will be reflected back at the fire and kept out of the house for the minute or so that the flame-front is advancing and passing.


We're finally moved in as the house is completely finished. My wife once again has a (really big) smile on her face in the mornings.

Thank you to one and all for your kind words and well wishes.

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