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14 April 2011


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Much better picture of Farrell. There's already too much chest candy floating around the web & Farrell's prose style and apparent devil-may-care attitude in carrying out his duties here at SST are better served by the current photo. Keep up the good work.


Russian last names with an ending of "DZE, and Shvili" are usually Georgian.


Are you sure she didn't discover radium? Maybe under her real name Marilyn Curie?


In 1966 there was a slapstick, very American-esque Soviet film called "The Caucasus Prisoneress" (title mistranslated on imdb.com), involving the kidnapping of a Georgian girl by Caucasus yokels (based on the three stooges). The girl was saved by a Russian bumbling hero. The "locals" were played by Russians.

There might be a similar ethnic reason behind the casting for "Prisoner of the Mountain". The movie wasn't anti-Chechen, it was more an indictment of the war and the Russian military. There is a memorable scene where a Russian soldier trades his pistol for some vodka, the gun then being used, presumably by insurgents. But the topic is still sensitive enough that I could see how there might be some reluctance. Indeed, there might even be danger in playing in such a balanced flick.

I wonder if something similar happened in the movie "Not without my daughter" where the principal "Iranians" were Latino, Jewish, and Indian or in Gibson's "The Passion" where all the actors were Italian or otherwise "Christian," with the notable exception of Maia Morgenstern.

In 1969 there was the Russian movie "White Sun of the Desert", set in Turkmenistan just after the Russian Civil War. It was about an "enlightened" Bolshevik hero battling it out with misogynist Central Asians. All the "locals" were Russians or Georgians.

Jim Ticehurst

Like you always told me Alan "Feet and Knees together and Keep Your Eyes on The Horizon" You gotta stay alert or you will never figure out how the Kuh Scheise Got on the Roof..

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