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28 April 2011


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Phrenos envy.


Maybe it's the gear.

What kind of computer does Farrel use. Software??


For some reason I found that Waltz with Bashir worked way better with the accompaniment of one John Jameson, he who rescues sodden barrels of the good stuff from the grasp of the fearsome Architeuthis on TeeVee these days. Can't say why.

I may step up to Persepolis, but I'm gonna have to go to the ABC store first.

Great reviews.

Richard K. Armstrong

Half of three is two.

No. No one requires me to visit this site however, this just might be the only site on the intertubz where I might find folks like BG Farrell.



"little gringo Catholic school skirts" ☺

Sh*t! I got so dreamy 'bout 'em for a couple of seconds I almost forgot to read the rest of this here Essay!

(Gotta make my future wife wear one of these on the weekends.)

Medicine Man

Much can be learned about immortality from Big Trouble in Little China. The primary factors are the number and quality of your wives. Also, stay away from truckers who know how to throw knives (its all in the wrist).

William R. Cumming

Amazing post! Thanks Alan!


What's this, a French film review without framboiseries? Oh the horror!

Charles I

Thanks for the German lesson Alan. Sorry about the cheerleader. And the actress chased to Malibu. And whoever ran off as described in your out-of- office message. As they seem to be a factor in your, er, reviewing, God Bless 'em all.

Foot in the sea of 400 Blows my favourite resolution ever.

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Very exciting writing. Thank You very much for the Germany part. I am overwhelmed with your overall content.

Bobby Murray

Brilliant, thank you Gen. Farrell!


That’s awesome ! thank you


I mighta missed the thread here but if "awesome" directed my way, bless you.  If not, bless you anyhow.  AFF

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