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03 March 2011


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William R. Cumming

Okay Alan welcome back! Now give us your top ten military oriented movies of all time.
Personally I always start with Eric Von Stroheim's "All Quiet on the Western Front"!

FB Ali

Nice to have you back, General Farrell. It's also nice to learn that those two posts were yours. Faced with those two anonymous posts this morning when I opened the site, I thought my worst fears had come true.

Ever since Col Lang, choosing valour over discretion, signed up on these new-fangled monstrosities that, I'm regularly being told, are slowly taking over the world, I have feared that one day a horde of faceless, twittering Blog Snatchers would invade our site and take it over. It seemed that day had come!

Hence the great relief that it was only you, announcing your arrival. It appears that, for now at least, we are still safe.

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