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03 March 2011


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It was 9 degrees this morning and will be zero tomorrow morning up here near Portsmouth, Ft DeSoto would be my choice.

William R. Cumming

TTG thanks for the post! Will you be participating and what is your craft if you are doing so?



some of these places are my old stomping grounds! For a bit more leisurely but fabulous trip try canoeing Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forest or the tubing at Itchnetuckee State Park (about 30 minutes NW of Gainesville). There's also some great freshwater diving in the springs in North Florida, Ginnie Springs probably being the best (go during the week to avoid the crowd).


Drambuie sponsors a similar race in Scotland that entails running, swimming, rowing, climbing, etc.. It's supposed to symbolize Bonnie Prince Charlie's flight.

New Orleans Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey is putting together an American team.

The Twisted Genius


No, I'm not there this year. I plan on building a 17 foot sailing canoe as soon as I retire and play around in the Potomac River and the Chesapeake for a while before heading south to this challenge. Here's what I plan on building:


As Ratty said to Mole in The Wind in the Willows, "There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

The Twisted Genius

psc, I'm afraid that would kill me.

The Twisted Genius

BillWade, I'm with you on that one. But I would like to do parts of the Maine Island Trail in the Summer months.

The Twisted Genius

Fred, I remember some of the north Florida springs from family vacations back in the sixties. Nice area. The only paddling I've done in Florida is the Yellow River and across Santa Rosa Sound in Ranger School.

William R. Cumming

Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel good this time of year to kayak and bird watch.

William R. Cumming

TTG! You can reach me by sailing length of Potomac to the Bay then swing over and enter the Little Wicomico River and visit when canoe is done you are retired etc. The mouth of the Potomac and Smith Point Light are less than 2 miles away from my front yard if you are a CROW!

The Twisted Genius

WRC, You live in a prime small craft sailing area. I'm sure I'll be cruising by there some day. In case you are interested in following the EC2011, this link lists a number of blogs that will be covering the event.



TTG, I'd say that Ranger School doesn't quite count as a fun filled vacation.

dilbert dogbert

I never expected to see a mention of the Watertribe and Duckworks in Pat Lang's blog.
Strange. Someone has been peeking into my bookmarks.

The Twisted Genius

I make sure I hit Duckworks and several related sites every day along with SST. I've especially enjoyed the building of SCAMP by Mike Monies over the past several months. He's sailing the SCAMP in the EC2011 and appears to be doing quite well so far.

The Twisted Genius

Yes, Ranger School sucked bilgewater. Two in my class died of hypothermia in the Florida swamps.

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