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15 March 2011


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thanks, for letting us read this. The interview leaves a vivid impression.

Qais, a retired Iraqi Army brigadier general, is also referred to as Sheikh Qais.

Was he retired in the course of the disbanding of the Iraq army?
I seem to remember this was done, in the English entry on Wikipedia there isn't a whisper about this.

Were some of the former Iraq soldiers allowed to return? Former experienced soldiers allowed to train recruits? Or was it simply taken for granted that US private contractors will train better soldiers in 6 weeks?

Adam L. Silverman

LeaNder: My understanding is that he was retired prior to the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Several of the SOI leaders in the area, including the Shi'a ones, were former Iraqi Army of a variety of ranks. I have 1/3 of the interview with the Nidjadi in our OE where the sheikh actually brought in a cousin who is from the Difafa (they used to be one tribe) to tell it to us "like it is". The sheikh wanted us to hear it, but didn't want anything negative to accrue to the Nidjadi though. The cousin had been in the IA and I got a 45 minute earful about how much better things were under Saddam Hussein. And in my area both the Nidjadi and the Difafa are Shi'a

William R. Cumming

Question Dr. Silverman? Do you believe most in the Mahgreb and Arab world believe that US focus is now elsewhere [Iran for one example] and US interests will never intervene except to protect the Royals in Saudi Arabi? I you had to guess is that what the betting money is betting in these areas? Assume no US direct intervention under any circumstances unless Israel involved or Iran?

Adam L. Silverman

Mr. Cumming: I honestly have no idea. There is so much going on in these societies right now I'm loathe to even speculate. I will say that depending on how the US gets involved in Libya will likely have many wondering: why Libya but not (insert country here)?

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