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10 March 2011


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William R. Cumming

Every possible nail on the head hit in this wonderful take on the Oscar winning movie. Please come back for more.

Charles I

Too funny, dead on.

Maureen Lang

Having resisted for months the continual urgings of friends/family to run out & see this film, I can now abbreviate my usual answer to pointing them at your review of same. Thanks for this deft skewering of "Black Swan."

Larry Kart

I expected to dislike this one (for all the reasons Mr. Farrell mentioned) and wasn't disappointed, but I was still surprised by how tacky the darn thing was -- especially Cassell as the head of the company and Hershey as everyone's favorite mom. Even granting the premises of the movie, what bush-wah Cassell and Hershey were given to say and do and how much bush-wah they piled on top it.

As for poor Natalie, she can't really dance, so there goes that part. At least there's still "The Red Shoes."


You saved me money. I'm probably one of the few people who can't make it through all of The Red Shoes. Movies about art usually end up being preachy and pretentious. The worst was Golden Boy, only Odets' screenplay could ruin a film filled with such fine actors. Should William Holden box or play violin? Odets never did come to terms with the dual nature of man--beast or god, the theme of the worst movie ever made--Zardoz.He should have read Aristotle.

Golden Boy would be good remake starring Mickey Rourke as a WWF wrestler who plays violin. Of course he would always lose because the audience couldn't handle a longhair winning.

Medicine Man

So basically a naval-gazing art movie? Pretty much what I expected. I'll pick up the bits of interest on youtube and give the rest a swerve.


Read Gelsey Kirklands autobiography "Dancing On My Grave" if you wish to know how messed up ballerinas can become.


As the lawyers say, I join with Ms. Lang and Mr. Kart: i) this review says everything one needs to know about the movie, including that it's a renter at best,and; ii) when it comes to tortured ballerinas, there is "The Red Shoes" and then there is everything else.

Too bad they couldn't figure out a way to get a CGI'd Anton Walbrook (wearing some of those great clothes he wore in the Riviera scenes)into "Black Swan" to torture Natalie. That would be worth paying real money to see.


I was forced to watch this movie against my will, you should have published this review earlier for my sake.

Thank you explaining why Winona Ryder was in the movie...lol

James ben Goy

Because of 'Requiem for a Dream' I formed the belief Aronofsy can make a good flick but lately I'm thinking perhaps any credit due there should go to the actors and the writing. So, based on said belief, I made the mistakes of paying to see 'The Wrestler' (no Oscar was ever so undeserved as Rourke's!) and 'Black Swan.' I think I'll wait on his next one until I've read your review.


".... everyone in the cast at one point or another lays a hand on the étoile’s wah-wah except the male lead… and I think we know why, but that would be ‘nother whole Freudian ‘nother to tackle)"

Ballet movies (of which this isn't one - can't have a real ballet movie with no dancers in the leads)tend to duck the issue of the omnipresent gay guys in the profession.

Once you get to the top ranks of a real-life company and the premier danseurs, the straight-gay ratio tends to be about fifty-fifty. The corps is a whole different scene, though.

In this movie Prince Siegfried was clearly intended to be heterosexual, so there were in fact NO gay male characters prominently featured in "Black Swan". Even "The Red Shoes" made in 1948, was more enlightened than that. Go figure.

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