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28 March 2011


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I was nodding along in agreement up until the last section.
“The gap between American rhetoric and American actions has widened to the point where it no longer is bridgeable.”
I think the US is bridging that gap not widening it. When the last administration suddenly went of on a short lived Democracy kick while cozying up to the elites in Egypt, KSA and Yemen was the moment attempting to straddle the rhetoric/action gap looked the most ridiculous. ‘Allowing’ the chips to fall where they may and then working to help nascent democracies, if asked, find their way should help the American public with its “idealistic notion of the U.S. as a principled country that acts in the cause of virtue, enlightenment and morality” and lead traditional friends to once again look to it for leadership. From the outside I think the US had abandoned its native idealism opting for the devils it knew rather than trusting in the principles it espoused.
For my part – welcome back.

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