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21 March 2011


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William R. Cumming

Helpful interview PL given present uncertainty as to US objectives. The real goal, largley unstated by US leadership is regime change. Second, the China option for sale of Oil now present for OPEC and others and almost non-existent two decades ago!

Thanks for helping me understand.

The Twisted Genius

Colonel Lang,

Such clarity is refreshing. We always get it from you and we never get it from the politicians. Obama already said Qathafi has to go. Why can't he say he just say we want the rebels to win and Qathafi to be gone? Probably the ultimate in clarity was a rebel Danny DeVito look-alike I saw this morning who said, "We win or we die."

Your revelations about Saudi actions to move quickly towards China was news to me. If China becomes more visible in both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and we (hopefully) make ourselves scarce in Afghanistan and Iraq, we may be able to shag off the Salafist jihadist nuisance on to the Chinese. I don't see a downside to that. India will be busy trying to keep Chinese influence in the region in check. The Saudis will still sell their oil to the global market. Only the CT/COIN-Industrial Complex will suffer a downturn in business.

 Charles I

What is really sad is that this good thing may be done, but as you say, its over for the US in the Med and with the Gulf butterflies, er, monarchs

The Twisted Genius

Wow! Pat Campbell put 500 Green Berets on his website rather than the five dozen you recommended. With that many the whole continent will be straightened out.


"...shag off the Salafist jihadist nuisance on to the Chinese."

I don't see how we can manage this one, somehow I don't see jihadist's going after Shanghai. If they did I think the Chinese would be far more ruthless than we have been.


I don't find it surprising that China is warming up to the Saudis. They have been using some of the "colored paper" we send them in copious amounts to buy assets and friendships in Africa and Latin America. They are even funding large resource projects in Siberia. At some point in time they may need to use their military to protect those assets. That will be an interesting day.

China itself is an interesting paradox economically. They too have large financial instabilities building. At least their central planners give them brand spanking new cities. Our central planners give us more printed money.

The Twisted Genius


I don't know how we'd manage that either, but it would be worth a try. It doesn't always work with black flies or mosquitos either. I wonder what the Chinese equivalent of night raids and drone strikes would look like?

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